Tuesday, January 31, 2006


Keira Knightley??? MICHELLE WILLIAMS????? They've lost their freaking minds!!!!!! How could Kiera Knightly have done a better job than Carmen Electra????? Or Michelle Willams was better than her WB alum Katie Holmes in Batman Begins????

"I'll really enjoy it because it will never happen again."

Michelle Williams, on being nominated for best supporting actress alongside fiancee Ledger.

You better believe it!!!!!



Whoa.....Someone was ROBBED!!!!

How the hell did Episode III NOT get nominated for Best Visual Effects?!?!?!? War of the Worlds???? Get the fuck OUT of here!!!!!!!!

Monday, January 30, 2006

H&R Block 2005 Quick Tax Estimator

Get a ball park figure on your 2005 taxes with this calculator.
i hate you, irs.

Wednesday, January 25, 2006


This game is SUPER addictive.
TurboTanks Tank Game

'Family Guy's' Stewie hosting Web talk show - Yahoo! News

'Family Guy's' Stewie hosting Web talk show - Yahoo! News

Criminals with ipods: BEWARE!!

Turns out Apple did some clever things within the iPod that should indirectly help criminal investigators and discourage would-be criminals. I found this PDF-formated forensic document examining the iPod's file structure. It details just how a criminal might use an Ipod, and what information investigators can extract to aid in prosecution. Very CSI-ish.

Tuesday, January 24, 2006

ETonline.com Newslink: Actor Chris Penn Dead

ETonline.com Newslink: Actor Chris Penn Dead


yeah, it's a Wienerwhistle. SO??

Saturday, January 21, 2006

NES Quiz

My best was 430. It's pretty hard, and it covers the first 3 years of the NES's existence and some pretty obscure games. NES Quiz.

Fatal1ty Ownage

Holy crap. I thought that Fatal1ty was good, but he totally OWNED this guy at CES. Granted, the guy was no pro and he was not in the same league (he won a raffle to play Fatal1ty) but still, the guy kicked ass. Check it out Here.

Friday, January 20, 2006

Made for each other

This guy has been keeping a running list of everything he and his girlfriend have been arguing about.
It's pretty long, and funny to boot.
(that sounded a little weird)

Thursday, January 19, 2006


I came across this xbox360 site called Xboxic. the site itself is pretty pedestrian, but what caught my attention was a sidebar, a realtime chat function built right into the page.
Check it out.


i typed in el moco into yahoo's search and my flickr site was the first thing to come up.....

Yahoo! Photos – Showcase holiday pictures in hardcover
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Final Fantasy XI

Wow. Last night I spent about 2 hours playing the FFXI beta on my Xbox 360, and I have to say, it was simultaneously the most frustrating 2 hrs. and the most exciting 1/2 hr I have put into my 360 so far. Because this game is TOUGH. No BS here, it throws you into a super-complex MMORPG with no tutorial, no idea were to go, and endless scrolling menus mapped to every button on the controller. After the first hour, I still didn't know enough to start the first quest, or how even get out of the city. Since the game does not support in-game chat, only keyboards, I was going nuts trying to type messages to other players until i remembered that you can have Private Chat channels to other players. After that, I got together with 3 other players, linked ourselves together, and started exploring....and it was pretty cool... the combat is slow and satisfying, and it really started to take off after a few minutes getting to know the other guys playing. Unfortunately, I don't think I can invest the time it takes to make it very far in this beta. Oh well.

Here is an overview of the game, by DigitalBackspin

Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Stages and risers almost complete

Now this is something worth seeing.....
Whoever this guy is, he is building the mother of all AV rooms.
scroll to the bottom to see some screens after the jump.....

Parody of the revolution

A couple of wacky kids got together and made a video of multiplayer action with the Nintendo Revolution controller.  It's funny, but the super-excited faces kind of freek me out...
(via Kotaku.com)

Yahoo! Photos
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Wow, when i was a kid, i didn't have a piggy bank, so i used to bury any extra money i had. But now, since we are in the FUTURE, i kinda thought that it would mean Virtual gaming, flying cars and stuff straight out of Blade Runner. But now i can have a piggy bank casted out of an actual dead pig!!! How's that for progress?!?!


I came across this Myspace profile for a band called ctrlaltdelete. They actually sound pretty good, kind of like Mogwai, with less 6min pretentions..
check them out here..

Monday, January 16, 2006

Giddy Up, Pardner!!!!

Yeah, just watched the golden globe awards on tv. Sometime between watching actors kissing each other's bums and hoping for a drunk Jack Nicholson to make a scene, I made a comment that i would take S. to see whatever movie won best Dramatic Feature. So I guess I'm off to the movies to see Brokeback Mountain....

Liquor and chocolate

Every so often, someone comes out with a cool new candy treat.

say hello hello to a sweet chocolate guaranteed to get you saucy

The Finger

i came across this today, and thought it was funny....
nothing personal..
...................../..../ /
..........''...\.......... _.·´

Yahoo! Photos – Showcase holiday pictures in hardcover
Photo Books. You design it and we’ll bind it!

Electrelane Concert

I don't know how long this has been up, but Archive.org has a Electrelane concert recorded in San Francisco. It's in flac format, and you can get the conversion software here.
I've heard the first few tracks and they sound good...

Sunday, January 15, 2006

Wedding Plans

After a few tense weeks of discussions about our budget and the amount of guests we will have, We've decided on the European Chalet as our reception hall. It's a nice small place off of Harlem Ave.
We still have a long way to go, as far as other planning stuff, like transportation and formal wear, but a large chunk is spoken for already. (i hope)
We still have to select a Photographer and Video guy, so we still have some work ahead of us.
We went through Pre-Cana this weekend, which was pretty boring, telling us stuff about each other that we already knew.....
Oh well... let's see...... oh yeah.... THE !@#$!@ Bears lost!!!


So the Bears just embarrassing themselves on Fox today. For one of the most overhyped defenses we got a pathetic performance. You know, maybe they should get the oversized C off their helmets...Someone might mistake them for the Cubs.......

getting ready for the bears...

So we blew off Sunday mass to watch the early game today.  My fiance has alot of school work to do, and me and my brother will spend the rest of the day watching football.  freakin' Bears better win.......

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Saturday, January 14, 2006


just trying out this feature of email blogging
let's see if url links work

Yahoo! Photos
Ring in the New Year with Photo Calendars. Add photos, events, holidays, whatever.

Lincoln Park Zoo

LIncoln Park Zoo
Originally uploaded by ikarania.
A pic of me in Chicago's Lincoln Park Zoo in 2004

html blues

wow, i didn't know getting your gamertag on this site would be so time consuming...
i guess it would help if you actually knew what you were doing.....

This will be a perfect opportunity to start learning...

endangered gamer goes live!!

So, i've finally done it. I started a blog about life in transition. For some background, I am a 30-ish male living in chicago, and I am a Gamer. I also just recently got engaged.

Yeah, engaged.

I realize that this will change my lifestyle PERMANENTLY, being how my primary source of entertainment for the last 3 years has been xbox live and various games (cough....Halo and Halo 2 cough....) and before that, pretty much every system released in the US.

So this will be a way for me to vent and make a public record of my adventures and experiences during the next few months.

That is, if I don't get bored and forget.

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