Saturday, September 29, 2007

miracle beer diet.

watch the end, she's a fast monkey, alright......

Miracle Beer Diet

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holy shit, this commercial actually almost made me cry. maybe it's the music. anyway, it's pretty intense.

Thursday, September 27, 2007

two cool things, and one really really stupid thing.

number one.

number two.

and stupid number three.

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

even lazier than ever....

wow. i come across a hot bit of news, and instead of running over to my blog and posting it, i tipped off first and they stole my thunder. (actually, i gave them my thunder. TAKE MY THUNDER!!!! )


so this post comes almost a full day late, but here it is...

ah, what the hell....go over to and check it out for yourself.....especially if you're into naked and totally nude maps for Forge.....

and see, they even said thanks to me!!

nightfall invasion

see that image up there? it's the Halo flood spreading throughout the country and even in europe, where you have to use a generator for power and mad cows are shot on sight.(flamebait for J!!!) just kidding, it's the live network status image in the main Halo 3 matchmaking menu. it shows where the players are, by putting a tiny tiny dot on a black map. this image is a timelapse, for the first few hours of release....see, I'm right there, by chicago!!!

seriously, the sales figures for the first day are crazy, and being caught up in the hype is inevitable, even I'm starting to get sick of the onslaught. speaking of onslaughts, the Legendary campaign is fucking HARD AS HELL. I'm talking i died 47 times on the FIRST LEVEL. i went at it with my pal Gil, but i think we might need to recruit one or two more fellas for the third mission and beyond.

and don't expect that Halo 3 icon to go away anytime soon......

Monday, September 24, 2007


I'm off to the official launch party. then, at 11:00 p.m. waiting in line for the Halo 3 release. then up all night (no work tomorrow, I'm that pathetic....) playing Forge and some Campaign co-op. then sleep, and more Halo 3.

Don't expect any posts for a few days, is what I'm trying to say.......

finish the fight, indeed.........

Custom Halo 360

This is a really good casemod, better than the Limited Edition Halo 3 that came out a few weeks ago.....

12 hours to go......

Saturday, September 22, 2007

the impact of Halo

starts of good, ends up hilarious!!!!

Russian Arcade

wow, some of these machines don't even look like arcade games, more like industrial machines......

New Halo 3 museum ad is a whole lot of meh.......

not as inspiring as the last few.....

Friday, September 21, 2007

real life donkey kong.


Snake??? SNAKE!!!!!!!!!!!!

guess the big lout is heading over to Super Smash Bros. to kick some Nintendo ass.......

Wii vs. Halo 3

I know it's NASCAR, but this weekend's biggest showdown will be between Nintendo's Wii car and Microsoft's Halo 3 car at the Dover Speedway. Both companies sponsored cars and will go head to head along with 30-some other drivers with shitty sponsors like Target, Home Depot and Budweiser. I won't be watching the left turn madness, but two videogame-related cars in a NASCAR race is postable news......


i know it's a t-shirt for girls, but still... it's kind of cool, no?

oh yeah, it's a cortana tshirt.

yep, halo related......

via xbox 360 fanboy

Thursday, September 20, 2007


Forge is going to be a incredible part of Halo 3.

Halo 3 Launch Party.

so i get an email today from a friend of mine who's off in Europe on a work trip, and it's an invite to the offical Microsoft Halo 3 launch party in the chicago area. there's going to be a few things given away at the event, secret buckets of sweet, sweet Halo 3 swag that are secret as of now. at first i actually said no, because i'd rather be at gamestop playing in a Halo 2 tournament. then i realised that i was being dumb dumb dumb and if i can get my hands on some Halo 3 even 6 hours early, i would. and what about you? if you live in the chicago area, and can get to Downer's Grove, go here and register.......

invites are limited, so act now!!!!

(oops, in the time it took me to write this post, the invites were all taken.....)

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

New coming tomorrow.....

I've always liked Bungie. besides making the Halo series, they made the very first game i broke a Playstation 2 controller over, Oni. some of those stages were so freaking hard i still have flashbacks..... anyway, has been chugging out stats for Halo 2 for the last 3 years, and doing a mighty fine job of it. the site tracks everything from kills to games won, hit percentages, and even lets sites rip a rss of stats and compile them to browse at your heart's content.... but that was Halo 2, this is Halo 3.... Tomorrow, launches it's Halo 3 version of the stat utility, and it's a doozy...... check out this feature list....

Service Record Page(s): (for every player of Halo 3 on LIVE)

Forums/Community Page: Misc:

Holy Shit. (or a very VERY close call)

that's everyone's reaction to seeing this video.

IED Very Close Call - The best video clips are here

stuff to keep you busy before the halo 3 launch.

watch a video made by Johan Söderberg, (who's worked for Madonna or Robbie Williams, so he's no amateur) edited a vintage footage from a religious happening so it looks like a rave party. (The tele-evangelist being the lead singer.)

yeah, i copied and pasted the description from Boing Boing's post, because i'm a lazy bastard and they described it better than i could. sue me.

get yer free EGM subscription!!!

not sure how long this will be up, but get in while you can!!!

Monday, September 17, 2007

Priest is back

Hot damn, today is like christmas!!!!! my favoite podcast of all time, and the reason i started podcasting in the first place ( well, it was actually the Bastardcast) is back!!! i think the offical site is down, but the Libsyn blog is up, so head on over or hit up itunes to download the 2 new episodes. the host, Priest, took a few months off after having a kid (that must have been rough) but he's back.

alright, i'll jump off his junk now......

holy hangover, moan, and halo spoiler alert!!!

wow. i haven't had a hangover like this weekend in about 5 years. a houseparty with a keg sounds like a good idea friday night, but when you're praying to the porcelain goddess 36 hours later you realize how old you really are. when i was twenty, i could do that every weekend. now, I'm lucky if i can survive one night of debauchery. shit, even now, a full 2 days later i still feel like hammered dogshit. so that's your reason for the lack of posts this weekend. I haven't forgotten that there's less than 7 days till the release of Halo 3, that's for sure. been on the back of my mind all weekend. and by the way, Black Snake Moan is the most misleading movie of the year. it's a movie about a black guy who finds a half-naked white teenager on the road and chains her up to his radiator once he finds out she's a NYMPHOMANIAC. if you think it's a exploitation flick in the 70's tradition, you'd be wrong. dead wrong. it's more of a Lifetime movie of the week, with the predicable ending and bullshit third act. it sucked the black snake.....

anyways, i guess someone leaked the ending to halo 3 out there, but i won't post it here. i got too much shit the last time i posted a spoiler......

Friday, September 14, 2007

because zombies don't kill themselves.....

Thursday, September 13, 2007


Wednesday, September 12, 2007

buy teh haloz

a song. about buying Halo 3. nes blips and bloops.

a AWESOME Halo 3 commercial

wow, this even beats out the Gears of War spot.....

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

My wife is so cute.

she posted this on her myspace page. i bet she preordered it....

OMG!!! Crackdown coming to Wii!!!!!

Holy shit, this is going to be teh awesome!!!!!

oh wait.....

Ninja Gaiden 2 goes full bloodfountain

these new shots of Ninja Gaiden 2 ( no offical announcement yet) have got the gysers of blood that i haven't seen since Fuzzy McFluffenstein...


Monday, September 10, 2007

poor Silent Hill mailmen.......

nor sleet, nor shine, will keep the mailman from his appointed rounds....except dogs who's heads are split open like a flower....

Saturday, September 8, 2007

A REAL Little Sister!!!!!

check out more at this flickr user's site......

Metroid Prime's controls set the Wii standard

leave it to Nintendo to show all the third party devs how to do FPS controls right. ( I'm looking at you, Ubisoft!!!) Destructoid had some time with the new Wii title Medal of Honor: Heroes 2, and came away impressed with the game's control scheme. it's a rip-off of Metroid Prime: Corruption's layout, and that's a good thing. I've played the first Medal of Honor Wii game, and it was pure shit. the first wave of Wii FPS games suffered from the move-the-pointer-to-the-edge-of-the-screen-to-turn style, and it's great to see that Nintendo has nailed the proper layout. here's to hoping that they make it a standard for all future games.

*psst* by the way, the Wii MOH:Heroes 2 will have 32 player online multiplayer, with NO FRIEND CODES!!!!! ( i wonder if we could use our mii's for characters??? that would be TEH AWESOME!!!)

head over to destructoid to read the full if we can only do something about the zillion of WWII games out there.......

internet meme overload

An animated tribute to the best internet memes from the last few years.....

Friday, September 7, 2007


no matter how many times i see this gif in either or any other image board, i laugh like a maniac. i don't know what it is, maybe the fact that the kid in the foreground looks like my little brother about 16 years ago, or that the kid in the background looks like my brother-in-law. either way, it's funny as hell.

Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Zambrano's new nickname


This guy isn't worth what the Cubs are going to pay him. He has not won since July 29, and is 0-6 with an 8.29 ERA since, giving up 39 earned runs over 37 2/3 innings. Zambrano also has not won since signing a five-year, $91.5 million contract. wot a loser.

Legend of Kage

one of the games that drove me nuts when i was a kid (a LOOOONG time ago) was The Legend of Kage. not to be confused with that OTHER Legend game, it was a simple action game that worked in 180 degrees of motion. after killing a set number of baddies, you had a boss battle and moved on. the music was badass, and like i said, i was obsessed with beating it. I never did.

Now there's a DS sequel? remake? on the horizon, and my mad ninja skillz will once again be used to save the world/girl. yes, i'm a nerd. check out some more screenies here....

Holy SHIT!!! Wii Mario Kart has 16 player multiplayer!!!!

totally awesome. i'm sure there are some people out there that will be excited over this.....

Monday, September 3, 2007

new bestest t shirt

Blood is thicker than Water by ~jdstone on deviantART

bestest t-shirt EVAR

so true, so true....

buy this design here.

Most eligible moron.

Bobby has all the answers when it comes to online romance and dating! You'd better hurry girls- I don't think he will be on the market long.

Anniversary, bioshock essay, and the ultimate preorder bonus.

I've been married a year now, and for the most part, everything that I've been warned about has not come true. I haven't been banned from playing poker, hanging out with the guys, or more importantly, gaming. It's been a learning process, but for the most part, the first year has been a blast, and I've never been as consistently happy since i was a wee baby. My wife has been understanding about my hobby, and although i don't put in 6 hour sessions every day, i do get in 2-3 hour chunks about 3 times a week. it's a fair tradeoff, and helps to keep me focused on getting the most out of a game.

So for all of you who have finished bioshock, here's a extremely well written breakdown of the philosophical and moral aspects of the game, complete with examinations of the character's names and what they represent. i don't think i have to mention that there are MASSIVE spoilers ahead, and i read the first paragraph and spoiled a major plot point for myself. so read at your own risk.

Red Octane has put together the greatest preorder package i've ever seen. in addition to the game, Les Paul guitar, and faceplate and batteries (!!!) they're throwing in all this shit...

Pre-Order Promotional Items Include: (Valued at over $70.00!)
(1) Guitar Hero Faceplate for the Les Paul Guitar ($14.99 value)**
(1) Guitar Hero III Tee Shirt ($14.99 value)
(1) Guitar Hero Dual Gig Bag ($24.99 value)
(1) Guitar Hero Designer 2" Wide Guitar Strap ($9.99 value)**
(1) Guitar Hero Key Chain ($6.99 value)


preorder yours NOW!!!!

Saturday, September 1, 2007

poor kid, pt 2

wow, this kid gets a mouthful of table.

wii smash

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kill on sight.

#1 cubs fan

the only reason this is here is because the kid is a cubs fan. and he cries like the world's biggest wimp.

poor kid

Girl Scare Prank - video powered by Metacafe

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