Tuesday, September 18, 2007

New Bungie.net coming tomorrow.....

I've always liked Bungie. besides making the Halo series, they made the very first game i broke a Playstation 2 controller over, Oni. some of those stages were so freaking hard i still have flashbacks..... anyway, Bungie.net has been chugging out stats for Halo 2 for the last 3 years, and doing a mighty fine job of it. the site tracks everything from kills to games won, hit percentages, and even lets sites rip a rss of stats and compile them to browse at your heart's content.... but that was Halo 2, this is Halo 3.... Tomorrow, Bungie.net launches it's Halo 3 version of the stat utility, and it's a doozy...... check out this feature list....

Service Record Page(s): (for every player of Halo 3 on LIVE)

Forums/Community Page: Misc:

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