Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Ba Ba Ba!!!!

give this lady an Xbox 360!!!!

Monday, January 28, 2008

Super Dodge Ball Brawlers

it's been delayed in japan, so i guess it's safe to say it'll be delayed here, too. hopefully it won't be a super long delay....

Friday, January 25, 2008


i want, NOW....

Thursday, January 24, 2008

GTA gets a release date

April 29th, it is....

not that i'm going to get it....

ah, who am i kidding.....

That Mexican kid is irritating me!!!!

Christians are crazy, too....

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

tiger eats the idol

it's freaky and strange, and i like it alots....a rabbits belly is luckier than it's foot

Machete trailer

i really hope Robert Rodriguez gets around to making this movie......

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

holy shit, the king is dead

well not really, but it's the first time i can remember any other game besides a Halo game in the top Xbox Live weekly report. Call of Duty 4 is being reported as the top game by Major Nelson.


it really is that good, though......

Sunday, January 20, 2008

weekend games

so i spent a big chunk of the weekend plowing through the Orange Box version of Half Life 2. after abandoning the game halfway through the boat driving levels, i picked it up again, determined to power through those long-ass levels and finish the game. little did i realize that i still had another shitty driving level, and a don't-touch-the-sand-because-the-antlions-will-get-you!!! level. i fucking hate shit like that. but i have to admit, controlling those antlions later on was pretty cool. but this post isn't about The Orange Box, it's about two kick-ass retro-style games some uber-fanboys made. not too sure how old they are, but both of these are new to me!! all of this comes from this destructoid post.

Super Mario Fusion: Mushroom Kingdom Hearts

i love how intrepid Nintendo fans take things into their own hands and make games that would never have a chance in the real world. take this game, a crazy-ass mario game that has levels set in the Mega Man universe, in the Halo universe, and also includes some stuff you might not expect. the game plays exactly like Super Mario World, if you have a usb controller or with the keyboard. check out the official Youtube site here, and get the demo here. here's a video of some of the levels.....

Super Smash Bros: NES

there's probably no way in hell this game could actually run on a nes, but the music, levels and sprites the creator of this game used are taken from the original games. Mario is the mario from Super Mario Bros, Kirby is from the original NES game, Link is from Zelda II, Mega Man from the first game, and Samus from the NES Metroid. it's simple to play, with a fast and strong attack for each character, and a charge move also. the game even zooms out when the characters get blown off the stages. the rules are standard Smash Bros stuff, with the goofy % health meters. Check out the official site here, and get the game there also. yeah, here' a vid of the action.....(i don't know why it has no audio.....)

Friday, January 18, 2008

just another nut

poor bastard has lost his mind....

Thursday, January 17, 2008

bestest suicide evar

wow, i didn't know the spartan laser shot can ricochet off frag grenades....

OMG i need this

actually, i don't really need this, but i do know a few people who's FPS skillz need some work. FPSBrain is some kind of concoction that supposdly improves reaction speed, among other things....

from the offical FPS-Brain site...
1 FpsBrain is the only effective product with a 110% money-back guarantee. Clinical research and expert knowledge made it possible to develop an effective neural accelerator.

2 FpsBrain is active within the first 60 minutes after use and releases its active ingredients constantly for 6 hours maximum into the body.

3 Fps has been tested by experience computer players and results in a remarkable increase in perception and reaction capacities.

4 FpsBrain contains only ingredients that have been tested and are approved in Germany.

5 Unlike ordinary energizer FpsBrain has a sugar-free formulation.

6 All our staff use FpsBrain at least four times a week to enhance their mental performance and their work efficieny.

7 The production process of FpsBrain is permanently being controlled and climate-adjusted, certified according to ISO 9001. Our production and bottling facilities meet the standard of the latest developments in processing equipment available on the market. Computerized inspections ensure the high quality standards that we hold our products up to.

8 If our customers are not satisfied with FpsBrain, they will receive 100% of the retail price including a small 10%-gift with the first 60 days. This applies even if the entire content of the box has been consumed.

( Cyborgface, this will make the playing field against me even for you at last!!!!)



yeah, this qualifies as a WTF video. (slightly NSFW)

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Psycho Nintendo Fanboy

what a freak. this guy flips out over the recent Super Smash Bros Brawl delay, and is the worst kind of fanboy, the psychotic uber-nerd. i'm suprised his head didn't explode at the end.
i just hope it's a joke, because this makes me nervous about picking the game up on day one.......

Super Smash Bros. Brawl video

Here's a video introducing SSB:Brawl and the new stuff in it. it's a bit long, totally in Japanese, but well worth seeing. Considering Famitsu gave it a perfect score, i think it's safe to say i'll be getting this on day one......

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Audiosurf and Ninja Gaiden DS

AudioSurf is a indie game that looks awesome. it takes any mp3 that you have laying around and turns it into a tetris/frequency/amplitude-type puzzle game. from the AudioSurf site.....

In Audiosurf, you race down a futuristic and colorful highway. The highway, the traffic patterns, and the scenery are all synchronized to the music you have chosen from your own collection. You earn points for clustering together cars of the same color on the highway, and can compete with others on the internet for the high score on your favorite songs. Audiosurf builds a highway for any music CD, MP3, iTunes M4A, WMA, or OGG song you choose, so the experience that you have is totally up to you.

register on the site for a crack at the beta opening Feb 08. here's a few videos of the game in action. it really looks cool, as long as you don't break out the speed metal or breakbeat......

i'm still on the fence about this DS version of Ninja Gaiden, but less doubtful since playing Zelda: Phantom Hourglass. Gaiden is so much faster than Zelda, and i hope the control dosen't get in the way TOO much. it looks really faithful to the original xbox version, and even has a few snippets of the NES Ninja Gaiden music. very cool. here's some vids of the game in action. ( and yes, i'm trolling Gametrailers looking for a Assassin's Creed DS video.)

it's new again this year

pirate baby cabana street fight 2006

it's old, and i've posted it pleny of times, but dammit, it's still badass.....


Smash Bros Brawl delayed.....FUUUUUUUUCCCCCKKKKKK!!!!!!!!!!
ah, it's only a month......

Friday, January 11, 2008

Resistance: Fall of Man 2 details in the new Game Informer

although i'm still not planning on buying a PS3 (although the recent HD-DVD defections is disappointing), the details released in this month's Game Informer regarding Resistance 2 are very VERY interesting. a few excerpts...

• One campaign focusing on Nathan Hale across USA
• One separate story based campaign supporting 2 players offline, 8 players Online

yep, that's 8 player online co-op!!!!

• Online Multiplayer (dedicated servers) supporting 60 people, lobbies for individual squads
• Classes for online, templates include Heavy, Special Ops, Medic
• Mobile phone quality headset voice transfer
• Partial randomized geometry in level spots
• Boss fights in FPS gaming finally done right
• New vehicles including Chameleon (Stalker with cloak)
• Insane stat tracking & community features coupled with MyResistance.net

now i know that by the time this game comes out, the game will have dropped more than a few of the features they say it will have, but even if they can deliver on half of them, it might be another reason to reevaluate Sony's console. the first game got pretty good reviews for a launch game, a few mags and sites declared it the best PS3 game (until Call of Duty 4 came out late last year...)
anyway, pick up the new mag and see for yourself....

or troll NeoGaf for some more details.....

Warcraft impressions

i spent a few hours last night with a trial version of World of Warcraft. it's been a few years since the game's been out, and i'm fully aware of it's status as the reigning champ of the pc mmo world, but 3 hours is enough to know it's not for me. i've never been a fan of this type of game, or of PC RPG's in general. having heard stories of the level grind players go through to get to a respectable level makes it even less appealing. that's not to say the game isn't good, but in my opinion, i'd rather be in a MMO where i can shoot someone or toss a grenade at their feet than skip around with 20 other people poking an overgrown gerbil with a sword. maybe i've had too much haterade, but whatever, that's my opinion.

and wtf with that monster 4 gig install??

Thursday, January 10, 2008


it's not everyday that a trailer can make me freek out. Yoda and Darth Vader in the new Soul Caliber IV??? yep, today's one of those days. too bad the PS3 and Xbox 360 versions get one each. (Vader to PS3, Yoda to the 360)

Wednesday, January 9, 2008

best of 07

i said I'd get to the best of list that i feel I'm somehow obligated to post, even though I'm not sure if anyone besides those goddamn spambots that troll Blogger read it. it's a bit harder than it seems, to get all your thoughts together and narrow down every game to a "top 10" list, so i'll just throw the baby out with the bathwater and list my favorite games in no particular order. if it's here it rocked, and if it isn't, it didn't rock hard enough.

Rock Band.

it's a great game, if you have friends or living humans around who are willing to look a bit silly in exchange for having the most fun with a local multiplayer game evar. the tweaks made to the Guitar Hero formula are small, but significant. the guitar sucks, but the Guitar Hero 2 axe works just fine. i just wished the single player game was better. the world tour mode only works with a full band, so it's super boring going solo. Bomberman and Halo 1 are close seconds, but this game really takes the last slice of deep dish meatlovers pizza with extra cheese and jalapenos.

Halo 3.

considering how many posts i've made referencing Halo 3, i HAVE to include it. Not because i think the single player game was good, because it was mediocre at best. it had a satisfying ending, but the game as a whole more than a few problems, backtracking being the biggest. for fuck's sake, this has been a complaint since halo 1, so why does bungie keep adding it in? lazyiness? Nope, halo 3 is in here because more than any other game this year, it's technical achievements blow away any other game released. the ease of sharing Forge-created maps, map variants, saved films, screenshots, and intergration with bungie.net are awesome. the online multiplayer is as good as i expected, with a shitload more weapons and equipment that change the game for the better. even though there isn't a instant classic map a la Longest in halo 1 or Lockout in Halo 2, all the maps are good, without a groan-inducing map on the disk.

Call of Duty 4

Is it better than Halo 3? yes. by the hair of my chinny chin chin, COD4 beats out Halo 3 in the most important category, fun. i've had more pure fun playing this game than any other in my collection. the single player game has a good, not great story with a incredible explosive ending that made me grin from ear to ear when it was over. seriously, it was fucking great. but what really takes the cake is the way the online multiplayer was designed. from your first match, you gain ranks, unlock weapons, sights, and perks that make a real difference when you play. it's slower once you get past level 30, but still has a perfect arc that keeps you playing long after you should have gone to sleep.


one of the two games on this list that i have not finished yet, and the most atmospheric game i've played this year. i wasn't able to finish it before Sep 25th, so it's been on the back burner ever since. i'll get to it eventually, but i've played enough of the game to know it's head and shoulders above most of the crap released this year.

Assassin's Creed.

best story in ANY game this year, it kept me focused on advancing to see what happened next. the way the story advances on two fronts and the headlong tackling of hotbutton topics like religion and the nature of faith and blind loyalty are refreshing. although the end was too abrupt, the context of the story in today's climate resonated with me and i hope the sequels come soon....

Super Mario Galaxy.

it's impossible to hate this game, it oozes originality and fun in big wet sloppy buckets. every level has some unique new move, suit or play mechanic, and like COD4, keeps you wanting to finish just...one...more...level......

Guitar Hero 2 and 3

playing solo after Rock Band is lonely, but these 2 games rocked my face off this year. the song list for both games have a few songs i wasn't familiar with, but i can't think of ANY song i hated to play. even the so-so songs are fun. the total barren desert of songs worth buying on XBL Marketplace is a stark contrast to Rock Band's weekly offerings, though.....


fuck the orange box, portal itself was worth 60 dollars. for such a simple premise, valve made this year's best puzzle game with the funniest computer voiceover ever. i hope that valve does something to add more levels or an expansion or anything to keep the game going. it's standalone sequel is a given, but who knows when that's coming out.....

Metroid Prime: Corruption

the other game i haven't finished yet made me eat my words about the Wii's graphical capabilities. it's really that good looking. the added control scheme works flawlessly, and should be the standard for all FPS on the wii (red steel be damned to hell!!!) although the really bad decision to make the supporting cast talk didn't ruin the game, it did enough damage to delay it's completion. i'll get to it someday soon.....

God of War 2

visceral action and the best beginning of any game on this list. it starts with a massive 13 minute boss battle and goes balls to the wall to the end. the PS2's last hurrah, and a fitting end to it's last-gen dominance.

Legend of Zelda: Phantom Hour Glass

best DS game of the year. it's graphical style is perfect for the DS, and any misgivings i had about the poke and slash control disappeared in the first 10 minutes. it's more of the same Zelda formula, (find a key person, enter a dungeon, get a new item, fight a boss, get a Heart, repeat) but with just enough freshness to make it awesome again.....why mess with a perfect foundation???

yeah, all the games are console games because i have a big plate of hate for any pc games. (more for my lack of a pc that can play any games after 2004 than anything)

and even though this list is over, that don't mean that it's all the games that made it great, all kidding aside, it's been a great year for gaming, with fresh franchises and returning favorites all hitting their respective strides. even though some games were overhyped (mass effect, i HATE YOU) there was something for everyone. my wife even got sucked into the world of Phoenix Wright, to the tune of laying claim to the only DS in the house. that's good, right?

well, that's all.

Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Joker in jail

what took so long????

either this is brand spanking new, or old as hell.

delays, sickness and marathons

back from vacation on sunday, to some weirdly great weather. i've been out of it for far too long, and since everyone has already gone over their Best Games of the Year lists, i figure i'd get around to making my own soon. just not today. no, today you get a video of a Assassin's Creed guard doing some solo loving on a wall. he even stops to look around, and keeps on trucking!!!!

Tuesday, January 1, 2008

old, but new to me

new street fighter 4 footage.

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