Wednesday, January 9, 2008

best of 07

i said I'd get to the best of list that i feel I'm somehow obligated to post, even though I'm not sure if anyone besides those goddamn spambots that troll Blogger read it. it's a bit harder than it seems, to get all your thoughts together and narrow down every game to a "top 10" list, so i'll just throw the baby out with the bathwater and list my favorite games in no particular order. if it's here it rocked, and if it isn't, it didn't rock hard enough.

Rock Band.

it's a great game, if you have friends or living humans around who are willing to look a bit silly in exchange for having the most fun with a local multiplayer game evar. the tweaks made to the Guitar Hero formula are small, but significant. the guitar sucks, but the Guitar Hero 2 axe works just fine. i just wished the single player game was better. the world tour mode only works with a full band, so it's super boring going solo. Bomberman and Halo 1 are close seconds, but this game really takes the last slice of deep dish meatlovers pizza with extra cheese and jalapenos.

Halo 3.

considering how many posts i've made referencing Halo 3, i HAVE to include it. Not because i think the single player game was good, because it was mediocre at best. it had a satisfying ending, but the game as a whole more than a few problems, backtracking being the biggest. for fuck's sake, this has been a complaint since halo 1, so why does bungie keep adding it in? lazyiness? Nope, halo 3 is in here because more than any other game this year, it's technical achievements blow away any other game released. the ease of sharing Forge-created maps, map variants, saved films, screenshots, and intergration with are awesome. the online multiplayer is as good as i expected, with a shitload more weapons and equipment that change the game for the better. even though there isn't a instant classic map a la Longest in halo 1 or Lockout in Halo 2, all the maps are good, without a groan-inducing map on the disk.

Call of Duty 4

Is it better than Halo 3? yes. by the hair of my chinny chin chin, COD4 beats out Halo 3 in the most important category, fun. i've had more pure fun playing this game than any other in my collection. the single player game has a good, not great story with a incredible explosive ending that made me grin from ear to ear when it was over. seriously, it was fucking great. but what really takes the cake is the way the online multiplayer was designed. from your first match, you gain ranks, unlock weapons, sights, and perks that make a real difference when you play. it's slower once you get past level 30, but still has a perfect arc that keeps you playing long after you should have gone to sleep.


one of the two games on this list that i have not finished yet, and the most atmospheric game i've played this year. i wasn't able to finish it before Sep 25th, so it's been on the back burner ever since. i'll get to it eventually, but i've played enough of the game to know it's head and shoulders above most of the crap released this year.

Assassin's Creed.

best story in ANY game this year, it kept me focused on advancing to see what happened next. the way the story advances on two fronts and the headlong tackling of hotbutton topics like religion and the nature of faith and blind loyalty are refreshing. although the end was too abrupt, the context of the story in today's climate resonated with me and i hope the sequels come soon....

Super Mario Galaxy.

it's impossible to hate this game, it oozes originality and fun in big wet sloppy buckets. every level has some unique new move, suit or play mechanic, and like COD4, keeps you wanting to finish

Guitar Hero 2 and 3

playing solo after Rock Band is lonely, but these 2 games rocked my face off this year. the song list for both games have a few songs i wasn't familiar with, but i can't think of ANY song i hated to play. even the so-so songs are fun. the total barren desert of songs worth buying on XBL Marketplace is a stark contrast to Rock Band's weekly offerings, though.....


fuck the orange box, portal itself was worth 60 dollars. for such a simple premise, valve made this year's best puzzle game with the funniest computer voiceover ever. i hope that valve does something to add more levels or an expansion or anything to keep the game going. it's standalone sequel is a given, but who knows when that's coming out.....

Metroid Prime: Corruption

the other game i haven't finished yet made me eat my words about the Wii's graphical capabilities. it's really that good looking. the added control scheme works flawlessly, and should be the standard for all FPS on the wii (red steel be damned to hell!!!) although the really bad decision to make the supporting cast talk didn't ruin the game, it did enough damage to delay it's completion. i'll get to it someday soon.....

God of War 2

visceral action and the best beginning of any game on this list. it starts with a massive 13 minute boss battle and goes balls to the wall to the end. the PS2's last hurrah, and a fitting end to it's last-gen dominance.

Legend of Zelda: Phantom Hour Glass

best DS game of the year. it's graphical style is perfect for the DS, and any misgivings i had about the poke and slash control disappeared in the first 10 minutes. it's more of the same Zelda formula, (find a key person, enter a dungeon, get a new item, fight a boss, get a Heart, repeat) but with just enough freshness to make it awesome again.....why mess with a perfect foundation???

yeah, all the games are console games because i have a big plate of hate for any pc games. (more for my lack of a pc that can play any games after 2004 than anything)

and even though this list is over, that don't mean that it's all the games that made it great, all kidding aside, it's been a great year for gaming, with fresh franchises and returning favorites all hitting their respective strides. even though some games were overhyped (mass effect, i HATE YOU) there was something for everyone. my wife even got sucked into the world of Phoenix Wright, to the tune of laying claim to the only DS in the house. that's good, right?

well, that's all.
"the other game i haven't finished yet made me eat my words about the Wii's graphical capabilities. it's really that good looking"

I'll be damned!! Did El Moco actually give a genuine compliment regarding the Wii's graphical capabilities!? *lol* I hope you chocked good on those words for a good hot minute. ;P

I love Metroid Prime 3 too, but I haven't got around to completing it neither. I bought it at a time when I really had no time to play any games whatsoever. I tried to get into it recently, but Metroid isn't the kind of game you can just get back into. I'll be sure to give it a good play session tomorrow in the hope I'll get right back into it again.

The same goes for Phantom hourglass. I bought it when I bought Metroid Prime 3 and have barely played it. The last time I did was about 2 months ago and I'd just gotten to 'The isle of gust'.

I was thinking about buying Guitar Hero 3, but I'll wait until they sort out the Wii in mono issue first before I do.
if you dont' finish the game, WTF are you riting about it 4>>>lame
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