Wednesday, February 28, 2007


I've passed the 10,000 mark in my Gamerscore. This might not mean much to some people, but it's significant to me because up until about 2 months ago, i didn't really care what it was, but my score was hovering at about 9000 for far too long. the Wii was the reason for that, but now that the Nintendo drought is in full effect, I'm back on the Xbox saddle, and I've been playing Crackdown and Rainbow Six: Vegas for the last few nights. RS:V has a ridiculous achievement worth 30 Gamerpoints if you use the Xbox Live Vision camera to create a online avatar. It's not the best use of the Gamerscore system, but hey, i don't make games, just play them. For a real Gamerscore Whore, check this out....

I've just finished Crackdown. This is probably the fastest i've finished a game in a LOOOONG time, i just powerleveled through it and got 'er done. It's a great game, but the main complaints about it being not focused enough and not having much to do besides leveling up and killing bosses is spot on. I still need the multiplayer achievements, the stunt driving achievement and the Rooftop race achievement, i'll try to get those this weekend sometime.

I tried the G.R.A.W. 2 MP demo last night too, and wasn't impressed. maybe it's my tv, but the bloom lighting effects are too intense, it seems like my screen is going from dark to supernova and back too much. This looks like the first Ghost Recon game i'm NOT buying when it comes out.

I also tried the MLB 2k7 demo last night, and the media screenshots look better than this game looks at home. I need a HDTV, dammit.

Monday, February 26, 2007


sketch combat, FTW!!!!!

posts n' posts

DJ Shadow is one of many music artists that i feel have lost their way recently, (along with ...And You Will Know Them By The Trail Of Dead..) but this video off his new album is mining the newest fad in music videos, the 8-bit treatment. The second video is from Cadence Weapon, and the song "Sharks" is a badass homage to early 80's video game retro. Donkey Kong, Frogger and what looks like Pit Fighter all make appearances.

Sunday, February 25, 2007

The Departed

Finally!!!! After getting screwed out of the Best Director Oscar 3 times ( Raging Bull, Casino, and Goodfellas) Martin Scorsese has FINALLY won!!!!! My personal choice for best movie of the year won the statue for Best Picture, Adapted Screenplay, and Editing. fucking awesome!!!!

Best Sale EVAR

If you have money burning a hole in your pocket, or a little brother ( or sister ) driving you crazy, Best Buy is having the mother of all fire sales, starting tomorrow. Games for all the systems (ps3 and wii not included) are going for as little as 1.99 to 9.99 there are a few Xbox 360 games there too, for easy gamerpoints. there's actually a few pretty good games in the list, like Metroid Prime 2, Castlevania: Dawn of Sorrow, Dogz, etc. check out the full list at

Saturday, February 24, 2007

'flea market, it's just like uh a mini-mall '

Continuing the parade of non-gaming related stuff....

Friday, February 23, 2007

a reminder that we live in teh stupid



from the person who posted it....

I found the song at
I want to offer a thanks and an apology for using the song to whoever made it. But its a really funny song and I just had to.
Official name of the song is "How to Kill a Brand" By Doc Adams (more)


no crackdown last night.

Thursday, February 22, 2007


Not being a fan of tim hardaway, I was still surprised at the frank way he expressed himself a few days ago. i guess he stirred up a hornet's nest by saying in a radio interview ' i hate gay people. i'm a homophobe, i just hate them.'

George Takei, FTW!!!!


I'm maxed out in 2 attributes, Agility and Explosives. haven't slept very much, since i still have to work (stupid work). cleaned out Los Muertos, and i've started working on my driving skills and gun skills.

need moar sleep.

Tuesday, February 20, 2007

broken record....

I spent about 5 hours playing Crackdown this afternoon (stupid work) and had a fucking BLAST. from playing the demo, i knew the first thing on the agenda was maxing out my agility by finding all the agility orbs scattered around the game. Then i realised there were 500 of them. and the game is HUGE. I feel like a crackhead now, looking everywhere for the green orbs, and hearing the crystal hummmmm......The leveling up is way slower than in the demo, but that's to be expected. what i didn't expect was the difference in architecture in the different sections of the city. Slums, gleaming spires in the sky, shipping docks, suburbs, yuppie urban starbucks zones, you name it, it's there. good shit. by the way, I'm not accepting any co-op game invites or intrusions, at least till i get maxed out in all the skillz.By the way, the four chaps you see above are the new skins released today for Crackdown. download them from the marketplace, they're free, you fool!!!! (BTW, I'm playing the campaign as chap #2)

Biggie's back

Super Nintendo, Sega Genesis
When I was dead broke, man I couldn't picture this
in honor of Biggie's song "juicy", SoulCommandoe's put out a Super Nintendo, Sega Genesis shirt. hawtness.

Monday, February 19, 2007

enhance your wii web browsing is a site that optimizes the web for the Wii. Wiiminder allows users to create and manage bookmarks, select bookmarks to be opened in new tabs, listen to music while you surf, and much more. its' actually pretty cool, makes tabbed browsing alot easier. if you're into that sort of thing. wii web browsing, that is. *yawn*

Sunday, February 18, 2007

Sunday Art Haterade, Zelda paper, and Nerds on Parade

Spent all day today at the Art Institute. I really went there in the hopes of finding something interesting i haven't seen before, but most of the stuff i saw was.....stale, i guess. My appreciation of art does not extend to stuff like this

or this

Both of these paintings were on exhibit there today, and call me crazy, but I'd like to see stuff hanging in a museum that I can't make. I'm not trying to be a meathead about it, but to paint a canvas 3 shades of black and call it art is bullshit.

anyway, the impending release of Crackdown has got me buzzing with anticipation. In two days, we'll see just how much staying power it has. I just hope i don't get bored of it before the Halo 3 beta begins.

linkpic5If you ever wanted to create some Papercraft of Zelda characters, here's your chance to get some really detailed instructions, complete with PDF files to print out with the fold lines included. So now there's no excuse, fanboy!!!( i'm going to start on my link RIGHT NOW!!!!)

This guy gets a gold star just for the preparation he puts into playing the Super Mario Brothers theme. He's such a drama queen.

and just when you thought it you've seen it all, along comes this guy, playing the SMB theme with his HANDS.

Saturday, February 17, 2007

Halo 3

Bungie released a movie theater-style poster for halo 3 a few days ago, to much fanfare and aplomb. i guess they think all the Halo fanboys out there will post, repost, and spread the image across the internets, thereby doing the promotion job for them. What kind of gullible fool would fall for THAT???

Friday, February 16, 2007

Warioware Cat

I fucking LOVE this game.

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Endangered Gamer #13

It's been awhile, but the podcast is alive and kicking!! I get right into it with a review of Wii Play, some thoughts on the Crackdown demo, and various other things that catch my attention. Don't expect anything special, since it's been a long time since the last podcast, and i'm rusty as hell. Music this week is from Playhouses from Brooklyn's Tv on the Radio, off the new Return to Cookie Mountain album and Pink Steam from Sonic Youth, from the Rather Ripped album.

Endangered Gamer #13 Mp3 Direct Download


Line Rider Forever

I always smile when i see a well made linerider video, and this one takes the cake. i'm not sure if there were any mods involved, but frankly, i don't care because it's sooo good. when is that DS version coming out again????

Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Wii Play

Yesterday i finally got around to checking my mail, and guess what was there??

Nintendo sent me Wii Play, with the free controller package and everything!! Now, I've been waiting for this game since the Wii launched ( i've had a sneaky suspicion that some of the games in Wii Play SHOULD have been on Wii Sports). It's really an extension of Wii Sports, and a great way to justify the purchase of an extra Wii Remote. the games themselves are really simple, and only one uses the nunchuck (tanks). the reviews have painted this game as overly simple and shallow, but i like to think of getting Wii Play for free with the purchase of a Wii remote. the nine games included are Billards, Laser Hockey, Charge!!( ride a cow and knock over scarecrows), Tanks! (think atari 2600 combat, using the nunchuck to move and the wii remote to point and shoot), Fishing,Pose Mii ( a game were you rotate your mii with the wiimote and strike cheesy poses), shooting gallery ( a updated Duck Hunt), Find Mii,( a where's waldo type game) and Table Tennis. once i get some quality time in with these games, i'll get a review up....

Monday, February 12, 2007

cover your eyes, child......

After getting some sleep, I'm back to posting with my normal irregularity. I was hung over all day yesterday, after returning from my trip to Austin, all i wanted to do was stick my head in a ice bucket and sleep. I went with my wife to celebrate my brother-in-law's leaving the Army and joining civilian life. after 2 tours of duty in Iraq, it's a well deserved celebration, and the party Saturday was awesome!! It had a Pajama theme, so all the guests were rocking their sleep duds and lounging around drinking wine and Shiner Bach. the reason I'm telling you all this, dear reader, is to justify the following image:
This guy shows up to the party, and during the "best pajama Soul-Train" walk through, pulled his shirt up and almost caused everyone to spray beer everywhere. Apparently he's a Army Lieutenant and was my brother-in-law's good buddy.

an amazing feet

bad puns aside, this guy really outdoes himself by running through Super Mario Bros using only his feet on a advantage controller. i don't know what posessed him to even try something like this, but here is the video.

be honest.

somehow, i was given credit on Joystiq this morning of completing the Wii Sports Bowling power throw game with a perfect score of 890. On Friday i answered a post about this topic, and i guess whoever wrote the post mistook me for the person who actually accomplished the awesome deed. I already contacted Joystiq and informed them that i wasn't the person who did it, i only pointed them in the right direction. anyways, here's the video of the guy who did it.

Friday, February 9, 2007

off to Austin

I'm off to Austin, Tex to vist family and get drunky-drunk. i'll be back on sunday, so don't expect any posts.


Long exposure videogame photos.

Check this out. She takes a photo of the screen while they keep playing.

Thursday, February 8, 2007

Def Jam: Icon

I spent some time with the Def Jam: Icon demo that was recently released on XBLM. my taste in hip hop is in the Digable Planets/DeLaSoul/DJ Spooky vein, so i'm not too familiar with the guys in the demo. I'm familiar enough with crappy fighting games, and in this regard, DJ:I hits the nail on the head. Sloppy, slow and broken are adjectives that come to mind when thinking of this game. The combat system is just broken, it's like they tried to take Fight Night Rd. 3's control scheme and somehow wrap it around this game. grapples are performed with the d-pad (WTF??), and the face buttons are used for high(x,y) and low (b,a) attacks. the right stick is used for stronger attacks, and the bumper buttons are used to delay the "beat", a key component of the gameplay. what's supposed to happen is that the game's hits and attacks are coordinated with the beats in the music, and the background pulses and throbs with beat. it sound WAY cooler than it looks. I never really understood what the hell was going on, it seems like the game was playing itself sometimes, and the total lack of a HUD made it even more vague. to be honest, i played 5 games and i can't tell you if i won or lost them. It's a shame EA Chicago was responsible for this game, they made one of last year's best games in Fight Night Rd. 3, but took a big doo doo dump with this game.

stay away.

far, far away.

Activision hearts Nintendo!

Guitar Hero for the Wii? Maybe. Either way, they plan to have dozens of 'products' for Nintendo. Maybe some DS action too!


sad but true

except the mohawk part

look, over the horizon, it's.........

so just for shits and giggles i strolled over to my Libsyn stat page to see how many people have been downloading my non-existent podcast. yeah, the podcast that has not seen a new episode in almost 4 months, and one episode in the last six. endangered gamer, indeed. Imagine my surprise when i see this graphic....

apparently, there are still people listening and downloading the podcast files.

well, i guess i should get around to recording another one.


Wednesday, February 7, 2007

God of War 2

fuck that, i'm preordering this game NOW!!!!!

and now, an email from Capt. Insano

I get my fair amount of spam, and since starting this blog, it's been slowly increasing. most of the time, Yahoo filters out the poo, but sometimes a stray stock tip or investment offer from Uganda makes it through. it's pretty easy to spot them, and they're always the same.

except for this one.

I know there are text generators that mask the true intentions of the sender, like a few lines of gobbledygook at the beginning and at the end mask the main body, but this email was ALL crazy-ass i-don't-know-what. what is so facinates me about this is how it makes me think I'M the one who's high as a kite, and the email is just a normal email. it's meaning is floating around somewhere, lost in the ether.

I LOVE IT!!!!!

Dakota Fanning Film Continues To Hit Headlines

The Motion Picture Group
Symbol: MPRG
Price: $0.19
Target: $0.40

Dakota Fanning Film "Hound Dog", most popular at the Sundance Film
Festival, is now featured at Santa Barbara International Film Festival.
We could see another amazing week of trading. Don't loose a second
chance to double your money. Grab MPRG first thing Wednesday.

The first problem is figuring out whether you should even bother to
It was reported that she once threatened to dismiss a cabinet minister
for refusing to open a Dutch embassy in Jordan.
Privacy PolicyLegal Notices I suppose I should be expecting a call.
Hopefully this move will only be temporary, as The Old Market is an
excellent venue and it is a pleasant walk along the seafront if it is a
nice day. I learnt from the guy with the seed potatoes, to sprout on a
windowsill in the sun, not in the dark, as that produces weak spindly
shoots. Varieties that can be found in the shops are Purple Queen and
I regularly get 3-4 emails a day from you, but you do not have the
courtesy to answer my email.
But, as you noted, things change. I hope it all runs smoothly for you
and your family during this exciting move. He told the chief, thru the
interpreter, of his desire to catch the world record of this fish and
the chief just looked at him with a blank stare. It does not surprise
me. Of course, there's been no real threat on that front, but I should
add we are being kept busy Sir. One variety you may find, which is
trying, is Marmande. And the video ads, the joint venture-building and
the networking. RPUs have been designed specifically to go after short
blog posts.
Is the hotline still working? His lifelong goal is to win the World
Series of Poker, win the lottery, or get adopted by someone stinking
rich and on their deathbed looking for an heir to their fortune.
Or relegate them to the end of the page? Privacy PolicyLegal Notices I
opened the sugar bowl this morning and there was a terrorist cockroach
just waiting to get me, after stealing my sugar mind you.
That's especially true if you're creating content aimed in any way at
other publishers. But got listed in Google Video. somewhere over
They are bidding in the auction and the publisher will be paid
to those bids. Could you please clarify so all publishers know what is
and what is not allowed? The hard part is learning how to move from
owning a site to owning a successful site that rockets up the page
rankings, has a steady stream of users. North predicted that the
and tremendous shocks produced by the Iraq war would see vast changes
political thinking as millions of Americans realised they had been
massively misled. I mean we've still got the embassy staff dusting down
those little invading-each-other hypotheticals, not that I ever engage
in hypotheticals as you would know well, errr.
An American citizen in the audience initially expressed outrage that
US government was being accused of launching wars to pursue an agenda
world domination. I actually have to go to those pages and look through
the content to find out how a search for that term brought that user to
my site.
I extracted only the relevant part from the e-mail they sent. RSS feed
of the information on this page RSS What is RSS? You always learn
something new at Seedy Sunday Brighton. - People crouched beside a
suitcase next to a building .
The second year, I had a few seeds to swap. Still, the fridge looks a
lot less cluttered, and the new bland Keelty approved commercials are
far better being dulled down without the overwhelming colour and charm
of Steve Liebmann. You can eat the seeds, but we are all seed savers

The most insane boss battle EVAR.

Some games have boss battles that might give you a headache for a few
minutes, till you either learn the pattern or figure out astrategy to
victory. and some games just throw a throw the biggest boss at you and
force you to weather a brutal storm of abuse till your eyes bleed.

none of those games can compare tor Mushihimesama Futari's boss battle. even rainman-like reflexes will wilt in the face of this assault.

pad your gamerscore, smell good

Kotaku and Destructoid both picked up on a promotion that Microsoft and Old Spice (yuck!!!!) are running rewarding you for padding your gamescore. here's the press release.....

Since launching in November 2005, Achievements and gamerscore have taken the gaming world by surprise. The "Achievement Unlocked" alert makes not firing once in the first 60-seconds of "Geometry Wars Retro Evolved" appear perfectly normal. Looking for hours on end for the 50th survivor in "Dead Rising" - just another day's work. In fact, since the Xbox 360 launched, more than 200 Million Achievements have been unlocked.

Achievements and gamerscore allow gamers to compare success, attempt unique in-game challenges and find value in playing games over and over. The reward for Achievements is an exciting and challenging way to play games, and only Xbox 360 offers it.

Since Xbox 360 gamers love to be rewarded, we are happy to announce the Old Spice Experience Challenge.

Xbox 360 is teaming up with Old Spice to bring the first Rewards Challenge to Xbox Live. Gamers will be charged with increasing their gamerscore by 1,500 between February 12 and April 12, 2007. That's 60 days to bring your overall gamerscore up by 1,500 for the chance to earn a bounty of rewards. In order to participate, you need to have a valid Windows Live™ ID with your Xbox LIVE® gamercard linked, be a legal resident of the 50 United States and District of Columbia (expect future challenges to be global in scope) and at least thirteen years-old.

Reward Package Qualifications
Level 1 (Gamers who have an annual gamerscore between 0-4,999 at time of entry): Game Picture, Dashboard theme, Contra for Xbox LIVE Arcade
Level 2 (5,000-9,999 annual gamerscore): Level 1 Package, 100 Microsoft Points and a contest T-shirt
Level 3 (10,000+ annual gamerscore): Level 1 Package, 200 Microsoft Points, contest T-shirt and Fusion Frenzy 2
In addition, Old Spice will give Level 1 and 2 the gift of experience by upgrading their Rewards Level for 2007.

Think you can do it? With more than $500,000 in total rewards, such as Microsoft Points and Xbox 360 games, it is time to tackle those unbeaten games and start unlocking Achievements, because this Spring the rewards go beyond just having an impressive gamerscore.

Be sure to log on to on February 12 to sign up for participation. Reward quantities are limited so gamers who reach the set goal will be awarded on a first come, first served basis only.

Marrige+gaming= endangered gamer??

I've been married now for about 5 months now, and the hammer I've been fearing hasn't fallen yet. I really thought my days of being a semi-hardcore gamer were going to end, but i underestimated the effect of being the Nintendo Wii ambassador has had on my wife. getting a Wii and a DS lite for free was a HUGE bonus, and not having to justify the purchase price has helped my wife embrace gaming. maybe embrace is too strong a word. tolerate is more like it. She's played her share of Wii Sports, but that's about it. more importantly, the delicate balance of gaming vs. life has been in place since we were married, with me getting about 8-10 hours a week of gaming time. some weeks it's less, and I'm sure that once the weather breaks I'll be getting less time because of something called "the outdoors". but since i was expecting NO gaming time before i was married, i appreciate her tolerance of my hobby. Destructoid had a great article yesterday addressing the dilemma of newly-married gamers trying cope with the changes of married life. it's a great read for anyone on the path to marriage, or considering it.

Monday, February 5, 2007


So my cousin from Texas has been bugging me about checking out my blog. he's been told plenty of times what the URL is, but he keeps forgetting. hopefully he don't forget and checks it out in school today. para chuy, aqui esta mi hermano Cesar el chapulin!!!

here's my myspace page

here's my youtube page

here's my flickr page

one year +

It came and went without much fanfare, but my blog is over a year old. it's so weird, it seems like i've been doing this forever. if anyone is interested, here's my very first post.

Get yer WIi menu music!!!!

someone has done what i've been wanting to do for a while. they've ripped all the Wii menu music and converted them to mp3's, for your listening pleasure. get them now, before the site gets on digg and goes down.

Wii Gun

some joker in japan turned his Wii remote into a lightgun, literally!!!!

Sunday, February 4, 2007

Ah, well........

So the Bears not only lost, but lost UGLY. After the first few minutes of the game, I really thought they had a good chance of doing something special. Unfortunately, we have Rex Grossman as our QB. i feel like crap, but I'm sure the team feels worse.


we still have the White Sox, and 2005.

Get yer Haterade on

Go Bears!!!!

Friday, February 2, 2007

2007's Most Wanted

for the most part, i agree with all the CHOICES, but the order is all fucked up.

Thursday, February 1, 2007


Sony's ailing PSP had finally gotten a much-needed powerup today. Konami held it's Gamer's Day envent today, and announced that they will be releasing one of the best Castlevania games EVAR, Dracula X: Rondo of Blood. Formally a Japan PC Engine game that was never released in the U.S., Rondo of Blood was the game that laid the foundation for Castlevania: Symphony of the Night. Branching paths, multiple characters, and a badass story make it the bestest Castlevania game to never be released here. And as a SUPER DOOPER bonus, Konami is doing it's hardcore fans a service and adding a port of the PSone Castlevania: Symphony of the Night to the package!! This is the best news i've heard for PSP owners in a loooooong time, and if it wasn't for the fact that SotN is coming to XBLA, i might have considered buying a PSP.


Here are some vids of the original game.

Litebright shuts down Beantown

So earlier this week, police and bomb squads were called out in Boston to gather up some so called "bombs" which turned out to be Light-brite promotions for a Aqua Teen Hunger Force movie. This in itself is pretty funny, but what really caught my attention was the reaction from the media and the politicians in Boston. They acted like there was a legit threat from these kid toys, never questioned what they were, just pushed the panic button and spazzed out in front of the whole world. It's one thing to be cautious and vigilant, but to react the way they did without making sure it was a real threat was just stupid. Read more here.....

more crackdown goodness

here's a video showing some of crackdown's achievements. I love the fact that the developers show some creativity with the distribution of the points, stuff like keeping a car in the air for at least 7 seconds or throwing a body more than 200 feet. I might spend a few sleepless nights when this game comes out to get ALL those wacky achievements.

Video: Crackdown Achievements

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