Wednesday, February 7, 2007

and now, an email from Capt. Insano

I get my fair amount of spam, and since starting this blog, it's been slowly increasing. most of the time, Yahoo filters out the poo, but sometimes a stray stock tip or investment offer from Uganda makes it through. it's pretty easy to spot them, and they're always the same.

except for this one.

I know there are text generators that mask the true intentions of the sender, like a few lines of gobbledygook at the beginning and at the end mask the main body, but this email was ALL crazy-ass i-don't-know-what. what is so facinates me about this is how it makes me think I'M the one who's high as a kite, and the email is just a normal email. it's meaning is floating around somewhere, lost in the ether.

I LOVE IT!!!!!

Dakota Fanning Film Continues To Hit Headlines

The Motion Picture Group
Symbol: MPRG
Price: $0.19
Target: $0.40

Dakota Fanning Film "Hound Dog", most popular at the Sundance Film
Festival, is now featured at Santa Barbara International Film Festival.
We could see another amazing week of trading. Don't loose a second
chance to double your money. Grab MPRG first thing Wednesday.

The first problem is figuring out whether you should even bother to
It was reported that she once threatened to dismiss a cabinet minister
for refusing to open a Dutch embassy in Jordan.
Privacy PolicyLegal Notices I suppose I should be expecting a call.
Hopefully this move will only be temporary, as The Old Market is an
excellent venue and it is a pleasant walk along the seafront if it is a
nice day. I learnt from the guy with the seed potatoes, to sprout on a
windowsill in the sun, not in the dark, as that produces weak spindly
shoots. Varieties that can be found in the shops are Purple Queen and
I regularly get 3-4 emails a day from you, but you do not have the
courtesy to answer my email.
But, as you noted, things change. I hope it all runs smoothly for you
and your family during this exciting move. He told the chief, thru the
interpreter, of his desire to catch the world record of this fish and
the chief just looked at him with a blank stare. It does not surprise
me. Of course, there's been no real threat on that front, but I should
add we are being kept busy Sir. One variety you may find, which is
trying, is Marmande. And the video ads, the joint venture-building and
the networking. RPUs have been designed specifically to go after short
blog posts.
Is the hotline still working? His lifelong goal is to win the World
Series of Poker, win the lottery, or get adopted by someone stinking
rich and on their deathbed looking for an heir to their fortune.
Or relegate them to the end of the page? Privacy PolicyLegal Notices I
opened the sugar bowl this morning and there was a terrorist cockroach
just waiting to get me, after stealing my sugar mind you.
That's especially true if you're creating content aimed in any way at
other publishers. But got listed in Google Video. somewhere over
They are bidding in the auction and the publisher will be paid
to those bids. Could you please clarify so all publishers know what is
and what is not allowed? The hard part is learning how to move from
owning a site to owning a successful site that rockets up the page
rankings, has a steady stream of users. North predicted that the
and tremendous shocks produced by the Iraq war would see vast changes
political thinking as millions of Americans realised they had been
massively misled. I mean we've still got the embassy staff dusting down
those little invading-each-other hypotheticals, not that I ever engage
in hypotheticals as you would know well, errr.
An American citizen in the audience initially expressed outrage that
US government was being accused of launching wars to pursue an agenda
world domination. I actually have to go to those pages and look through
the content to find out how a search for that term brought that user to
my site.
I extracted only the relevant part from the e-mail they sent. RSS feed
of the information on this page RSS What is RSS? You always learn
something new at Seedy Sunday Brighton. - People crouched beside a
suitcase next to a building .
The second year, I had a few seeds to swap. Still, the fridge looks a
lot less cluttered, and the new bland Keelty approved commercials are
far better being dulled down without the overwhelming colour and charm
of Steve Liebmann. You can eat the seeds, but we are all seed savers

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