Friday, September 29, 2006

Podcast On Odeo!

Fully functioning feed for the podcast!

My Odeo Channel (odeo/f9f13a71e5803ac7)

Gears of War gameplay vid

Shit, this game is looking HAWT!!
(love the chainsaw kill at the end...)

Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Trailer for Halo Wars

Fresh from Youtube, the trailer for the new Halo RTS, Halo Wars.
(download a HD-quality trailer here)

WTF!?!?! News comes in RIVERS and DROVES!!!!!!

today, at their X06 event, Microsoft made quite a few announcements. First, DOOM is online NOW, on Xbox live, with Online Multiplayer for 4. very cool. the game costs 800 MS points.
Second, there is a Halo RTS being developed by Ensemble Studios, called Halo Wars ( wot a shitty name).
Third, the HD-DVD drive will be released for 199.99 and will come with a Xbox Media Remote, and a copy of King Kong. Check out, Joysiq,( joystiq is liveblogging) and Destructoid for more details. Sounds like great news all around.

( oh, shit, also GTA 4 for Xbox 360 will have exclusive episodes with 3+ hours of gameplay a few months after the game launches next year.)

Tuesday, September 26, 2006

More Wii Party impressions

NESvidiot, a attendee at the Denver wii party last week, had this to say about the experience...

The party was EXCELLENT. It might take a few minutes to get used to the new style of control, but once you get used to it, it becomes very intuitive very quickly, and is a TON of fun. This system will be the life of the party. It is so much fun to play multiplayer where everyone has to get involved and active. Then again the depth of single player play like in Zelda, is equally incredible and VERY immersive. Be prepared to enter into a gaming world that literally comes alive. Wii will be a revolution!

Nintendo translated means "Leave Luck to Heaven" and it really shows through with this system.

and they had LOTS and LOTS of booze........

what the hell?!?!?!

yeah, sometimes i should get to the bottom of the post before wetting myself. i freeked out for a few seconds before i actually finished reading this kotaku post, with the accompaning pic. what a nerd.

From the post Let me start by saying I'm like 99.9 percent sure this is fakery. The above picture is supposed to be of the Wii D, some sort of device, that judging by the looks of it, will play DVDs. Thing is, Nintendo has officially said they no longer plan to release a DVD player for the Wii.
it kinda looks like a George Foreman Wii........

Monday, September 25, 2006

Avatar Of The Day!

Hit your Esc key when you have had enough of this animated fun!
(is that a Wiimote???)

Saturday, September 23, 2006

Denver Wii party

Here is a SUPER detailed rundown on the events last night in Denver. Nightram56 was the wii ambassador, and his site's forum has the details covered.

from the post

I climbed the stairs and saw a huge gathering around Zelda. I knew that would happen. Still, every spot was packed. It was just fun because some people would pop by Zelda while waiting to play something else. Everyone was watching reactions to see how to play. I LOVED that. I love watching people play, especially at something new and fantastic. NES did this too. A lot of communicating, elbow rubbing, etc. I talked to get reactions, I talked to get thoughts, tips, etc.

I learn by watching and them mimmicking. It's very hard for me to pick something up cold turkey and be good at it. I learn very quickly mind you, but I just looked like a dufus at most of these games. I felt, FELT, how intuitive and easy to play it all would be though. This was especially noted in Zelda. I got into it easily while playing. Tyrone probably thought I was an idiot, but I was just testing, getting a feel. I was particularly interested in progression. I wanted to see it all and feel it all. Unprecedented exposure and escapism into the game world. Later I played more games and sucked those up too. Sure it will take some fine tuning to get stellar, but gamers will give ya crap any time ya suck, ya know?

Available games list:
2 Wii Sports (on all night, non changeable)
2 Zeldas
2 Excite Trucks
1 Trauma Center
1 Elebits
1 Rayman Raving Rabbids
1 Madden 2K7
1 Chicken Little
1 Marvel Alliance
1 Warioware Smooth Moves
1 Tony Hawk

More updates later on the same site.

Friday, September 22, 2006

Miyamoto ( i mean Koji Kondo) is a THIEF!!!!! [Update 1]

it seem like a intrepid blogger has uncovered evidence that Nintendo ripped off the theme for Super Mario Bros' underworld theme . check out the site for the full story and to hear the tracks for yourself. for the record, it is really really similar to the Mario bros music, but MUCH more funky.
Koji Kondo is the original composer (thanks, J!!!)

Metroid Vs. Megaman

Hell Yeah, a match made in nintendo heaven!! this site gives you the chance to play Mega Man in Metroid's levels, and Samus in Mega Man's levels. Very cool stuff.


Silent Hill freakfest Friday

I thought long and hard ( about 10 seconds) about posting this, since i know there's more than a few underage kids reading this, but since it's on the offical Art of Silent Hill DVD, i'll post it just to freak somone out on friday. ( it's nothing explicit, but still.....alot of bubbling flesh and the like...)

Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Bad Ass Metroid Prime: Corruption Walkthrough

Gametrailers has a HD Metroid Prime: Corruption walkthrough from E3 up, and it looks freaking AMAZING....... Check it out and prepare to be blown away.......
( high bandwith, if you have dialup, you're shit out of luck.....)
Via GoNintendo

Red Steel New Vid

A new trailer of Ubisoft's Red Steel. It looks like it's coming along great, with added functionality. (check out how the guy throws a grenade) and for what it's worth, I still think the graphics of this game kick ass. call me crazy.

WTFx2 ( Spanking ahead...)

Godhand is a new game from Capcom due this fall, from the teams that bought you Devil May Cry and Resident Evil. And they have officially gone batshit insane. This is the first commercial for the Japanese release of this game, and it had me rolling and wanting to play it NOW!!!!!
as a bonus, here's a Destructoid forum post with hands on impressions.....

Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Nintendo's all over the place

I really don't know how i stumbled upon this blog, but this Clubmom blogger just hosted a Wii party this past sunday in her HOUSE!!!!! Nintendo bought food and drinks, and set up Wii systems all around her home. check out her flickr set Here, and her blog with the write-up here. ( it seems like they also got some free swag, like tshirts and .....cookies???)

Monday, September 18, 2006

first wii party details!!!!!

so the wii party from LA was held last friday, and i just got through reading the post. it sounds like they had a hell of a time.....check out the post here....( here is a post with pics) he has detailed descriptions of the games that were playable,( Rayman Raving Rabbits, Twilight Princess, Excite Truck, Madden 07, Wii Sports, Trauma Center: Under the Knife and Wario Ware: Smooth Moves)

HEre's to hoping the Chicago event has Metroid Prime and Red Steel.....

Mac os 6 running on a Nintendo DS

i don't know why someone would go through the trouble, but by god, OS 6 is on the Nintendo DS!!
( yeah, i'm not excited at all)
"still loading......."

Mario wedding

this is the cake i would have liked to have at my wedding.

(maybe for our 1st anniversery....hint hint....)

Friday, September 15, 2006

Movie Madness

some upcoming movies i'll try to see.....

from the director of "amores perros" and "21 Grams"

from the director of "Batman Begins"

From Martin Scorsese, director extraordinaire

Coming Zune

I don't think i'm ready to toss my ipod away just yet, but Microsoft's first foray into mp3 player hardware looks pretty slick. so this is what J Allred was doing since the Xbox360 launch. it's a sleek and (dare i say) sexy device which has the ablility to transfer song and pics over it's built-in wifi capability. check out these vids and judge for yourself.

Metroid Halo

Call me crazy, but the don't the first few minutes of this video remind you of the first level of the original Halo???? from the ship's bridge, to the alien boarders, it seems like Nintendo and Retro Studios got some inspiration from Microsoft's juggernaut.

Nintendo's NYC press event

check out Reggie speaking at yesterday's NYC event

Thursday, September 14, 2006

Some random hardware shots.

Hundreds of Wii Screenshots Found!

Too many to post right now..
Here are a few to whet your appetite.

Don't ever say we don't love you guys.

The Legend of Zelda Twilight Princess

Excite Truck

Marvel Ultimate Alliance

Mario Strikers Charged

Madden NFL 07

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Cho Aniki is probably best known for being among the most arguably homosexual video games ever created, or to be objective it stars more muscular men in thongs than any other shooter ever. It’s one part Hard Gay and one part Sexy Parodius whose most prominant release was on the PC Engine, which means massive sprites and great music… and lots of misplaced muscle groups. But alas, this game remains rare and weird as it was only played by a) The Japanese and b) a few amused teenage guys with part time jobs in the 90’s. If you thought Parodius was a departure from the standard shooter, just watch the videos and squirm!!!!!

Wii 3rd Party Support for 2007.

Call of Duty 3
Marvel: Ultimate Alliance
Rapala Tournament Fishing
Tony Hawk’s Downhill Jam
World Series of Poker

Dragon Ball Z Budokai: Tenkaichi 2

Trauma Center: Second Opinion

Buena Vista Games
Chicken Little: Ace in Action
Disney’s Meet the Robinsons

Dance Factory

The Godfather
Madden NFL 07
Need for Speed: Carbon
Tiger Woods PGA Tour


Bust A Move Revolution

The Ant Bully
The Grim Adventures of Billy & Mandy
Happy Feet
Mortal Kombat: Armageddon
Rampage: Total Destruction

Sonic and the Secret Rings
Super Monkey Ball Banana Blitz

Metal Slug Anthology

Avatar: The Last Airbender
SpongeBob SquarePants:
Creature from the Krusty Krab

Blazing Angels: Squadrons of WWII
Far Cry: Vengeance
GT Pro Series
Monster 4x4: World Circuit
Open Season
Prince of Persia
Rayman: Raving Rabbids
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
Tom Clancy’s Splinter Cell: Double Agent

Ice Age 2

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wii preview video

some new stuff here, and a whole lot of white. is live

Most of the new info, along with some videos of the new UI can be found on ( yeah, it's pretty obvious) i had fun checking out some of the features, like the Mii channel, and some cool news/weather stuff too.

Channels! It looks like the Wii will have "channels" you can pick from, much like the Dashboard on OS X. From photos to news (feeds?) to ROMs!!! NES games are like $4 and SNES run around $5.50.

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Wii Price Set at $249.99, Release Date Of November 19!

Click Mario for the powerup!

Nintendo will reshape the home entertainment and video game landscape with the launch of its heralded Wii™ home video game console. The Americas will lead the worldwide launch on Nov. 19. Wii will be sold as an affordable, mass-consumer product at an MSRP of just $249.99. The price includes one wireless Wii Remote controller, one Nunchuk™ controller and the groundbreaking collection of five different Wii Sports games on one disc, which anyone can play using simple movements, experienced or not.

Wednesday, September 13, 2006

New Wii info tonight......[Update] [Update 2]

So i was checking out, and they're having a update-a-thon during tonight's Nintendo press conference in japan. Hopefully they'll reveal pricing and launch date info today or tomorrow, when the U.S. conference will take place in New York.

My prediction????

$199.99 price, and a Nov 21 U.S. launch.

ya heard it here first.

ha, it seems like all of the nintendo fans rabid for info got duped by who were
posting details of a press confrence from LAST YEAR.

From the Gonintendo "Just in Case" comments...
Honestly, GWN's actions, and most everyone elses, in this matter are digusting. This is why gaming journalism is so frowned upon. They've taken fans sincere interest in news, and posted information without any real integrity, or presence in Japan for that matter. I propose, despite their previous respectable efforts towards Gonintendo, someone hack that site into a fucksplosion.

We've all bought into this conference, and no one has made sure it's actually starting now, no one has any presense there, no one even knows if it is an open conference. Everyone is as guilty as Joystiq's Robert Summa for hype-mongering.

Well said, sir.

[Update 2]


Apparently, most sites and chatroom bloggers were actually relying on a GWN page for live information. The GWN site, in turn, appeared to be reporting a video feed from several months ago, and the entire internet is on the verge of exploding. This is an absolute debacle, and we sincerely apologize to our readers for this travesty. We know that the conference should be going on at the moment, and we're searching tirelessly for confirmed information. We'll get back to you as SOON as we possibly can.

Update: We've got confirmed reports that the press conference will actually begin at around 1:00 AM EDT. It's unknown at this time how the entire internet could fail at time-zone calculations and/or announced start times. At this point, it either hasn't started or no website on the planet has information on us, we've checked. More when we've got it.

The internet is about to explode?!?!?! NO WAI!!!!!!!!

Ahhh, that's GRRREAT!!!!

FINALLY, after 2 weeks of no internet at home, the skies cracked open and a Comcast tech got my internet up and running. Hopefully this will signal the return of the Endangered Gamer podcast, and more regular updating.
but don't cross your fingers.

Tuesday, September 12, 2006

the mother of all arcade machines

Costco's got the goods on the most jawdropping arcade cabinet i've ever seen. ( in the last 10 years. that Tron one was super-cool) I actually saw it on sunday, on Sunday, when me and my wife went shopping for the first time as a married couple. Woot!!

Anyways, it has a GREAT quality screen, and feels very solid and sturdy. and check out the list of games!!!!!! if anyone wants to purchase this console for Endangered Gamer's living room, feel free to contact me at

(hell yeah, it has Zero Wing!!!!!!!!)

oh yeah here's the game list.

1941 Counter Attack™ (Capcom 1990)
1942™ (Capcom 1984)
Arlington Horse Racing® (Incredible Technologies 1990)
Asteroids® (Atari 1979)
Asteroids Deluxe® (Atari 1980)
Bagman™ [UltraCade 2003 (Valadon 1982)]
Battlezone® (Atari 1980)
Berzerk® (Stern 1980)
Black Widow™ (Atari 1980)
Bomb Jack Twin™ [UltraCade 2003 (NMK 1993)]
Centipede® (Atari 1980)
Commando™ (Capcom 1985)
Crystal Castles™ (Atari 1983)
Dark Stalkers™ (Capcom 1994)
Do! Run Run™ [UltraCade 2002 (Universal 1984)]
Exed Exes™ (Capcom 1985)
Frenzy™ (Stern 1982)
Ghosts N' Goblins™ (Capcom 1985)
Ghouls N' Ghosts™ (Capcom 1988)
Gimme A Break™ [David Foley (Sente 1985)]
Goal '92™ (David Foley) (Sente 1984)
Goalie Ghost™ [David Foley (Sente 1984)]
Golden Tee Golf® (Incredible Technologies 1990)
Golden Tee Golf II® (Incredible Technologies 1992)
Gravitar™ (Atari 1982)
Grid Iron Fight™ [David Foley (Tehkan 1985)]
Gunsmoke™ (Capcom 1985)
Hat Trick™ [David Foley (Sente 1984)]
Hoccer™ [David Foley (Eastern Micro Electronics 1983)]
Hot Shots Tennis™ (Incredible Technologies 1990)
Karate Champ™ [David Foley (Nihon Bussan 1984)]
Lady Bug™ [UltraCade 2002 (Universal 1981)]
Legendary Wings™ (Capcom 1986)
Liberator™ (Atari 1982)
Lunar Lander™ (Atari 1979)
Major Havoc™ (Atari 1983)
Mega Man™ (Capcom 1995)
Mercs™ (Capcom 1990)
Millipede™ (Atari 1982)
Mini Golf™ [David Foley (Sente 1985)]
Missile Command® (Atari 1980)
Mortal Kombat® (Midway 1992)
Mr. Do!™ [UltraCade 2002 (Universal 1982)]
Mr. Do's Castle™ [UltraCade 2002 (Universal 1983)]
Mr. Do's Wild Ride™ [UltraCade 2002 (Universal 1984)]
Penguin Wars™ [UltraCade 2002 (UPL 1984)]
Pinball Action™ [UltraCade 2002 (Tehkan 1985)]
Pinbo™ [UltraCade 2002 (Jaelco 1984)]
Red Baron™ (Atari 1980)
Ring King™ [David Foley (Nihon Bussan 1985)]
Saboten Bomber™ [UltraCade 2003 (NMK 1992)]
Section Z™ (Capcom 1985)
Showdown™ [David Foley (Exidy 1988)]
Side Arms Hyper Dyne™ (Capcom 1986)
Side Pocket™ [David Foley (Nihon Bussan 1986)]
Sno Brothers 2™ [David Foley (Toaplan 1994)]
Space Duel™ (Atari 1982)
Speed Spin™ (David Foley)
Speedball™ [David Foley (Tecfri 1987)]
Spiker® [David Foley (Sente 1986)]
Street Fighter II CE™ (Capcom 1991)
Street Football™ [David Foley (Sente 1985)]
Street Hoop™ (Data East 1991)
Strider™ (Capcom 1989)
Super Breakout™ (Atari 1978)
Super Casino™ [David Foley (Data Amusements 1982)]
Super Champion Baseball™ [David Foley (Alpha 1989)]
Super Dodge Ball™ [UltraCade 2003 (Technos 1987)]
Super Dodge Ball (neo)™ [UltraCade 2003 (Technos 1987)]
Super Doubles Tennis™ [David Foley (Nihon Bussan 1983)]
Super Strike Bowling™ (Incredible Technologies 1990)
Tag Team Wrestling™ [David Foley (Nihon Bussan 1984)]
Tehkan World Cup™ [David Foley Tehkan 1985)]
Tempest™ (Atari 1980)
Truxton 2™ [David Foley (Toaplan 1992)]
UltraSlot™ (UltraCade 2004)
US Championship Vball™ [David Foley (Technos 1988)]
Vulgus™ (Capcom 1984)
Warlords™ (Atari 1980)
Wind Jammers™ [David Foley (Nihon Bussan 1994)]
Zero Wing™ [David Foley (Toaplan 1989)]


May teh best console with wireless controllers and bankable first-party stars win!!!!!

wii are the champions

Hey, i always thought it would be a matter of time before Queen and Nintendo teamed's the proof!!!!!

Monday, September 11, 2006

nightmares in print

wow. this guy's got a seriously creepy imagination. i might have posted this before,( too lazy to check ) but in case i haven't, here is.

The guy's name is Handre de Jager, and if you're interested, his art is available here.

( seems like mario is a hit with the ladies.....)

Contest Results

Soo..... after the HUGE crowds that showed up on friday, it was hard as hell to choose 2 winners.....aah, who am i kidding.



so, if you were the guy driving around for an hour ( as someone in the chat box said) and you DIDN'T see 5 nerds playing with their ds lites with a 4 foot Wii sign above them, too bad. i ended up inviting a couple of non-gamers, who are cool cats.

all you blogtrolls missed out.

oh great, now Kotaku has gotten wind of this.......

i hate you, eliza......

Wednesday, September 6, 2006

Details [UPDATE 1]

So this Friday, Sep 8 is the big bash. I heard it was on, and

So, now for some questions......
Can you change the date/location/time/city so i can attend??

No. this is most convenient place and time for me, near my home and ALL public transportation. if you're worried or on the fence about making a 10-20-45 min drive, you don't really want to go.

Is there an age limit???

for Nintendo, no. for me, yes. I don't want to deal with kiddies, so you MUST be over 18 to compete. No exceptions.

What if me and my friends win??

i only have 2 slots left. that's TWO. so if you and all your friends perform Beowulf dressed as Nintendo characters, you'll still only get 2 passes. sorry.

Where exactly is the meeting place??

right now, the location is the SE corner of Damen ave and 18th st. ( that's the NW corner of the park) i'll have a giant Wii sign, which i'll use to ATTACK THE WEAK POINT FOR MASSIVE DAMAGE.

any other questions can be commented on below, and I'll update this post accordingly.

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Layout troubles

is anyone having trouble loading the page? particularly in IE?



hey, so i'm back from my wedding. tired and happy, i'll try to post soon. i'll have a update about Friday's contest in harrison park, so stay tuned......

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