Tuesday, September 12, 2006

the mother of all arcade machines

Costco's got the goods on the most jawdropping arcade cabinet i've ever seen. ( in the last 10 years. that Tron one was super-cool) I actually saw it on sunday, on Sunday, when me and my wife went shopping for the first time as a married couple. Woot!!

Anyways, it has a GREAT quality screen, and feels very solid and sturdy. and check out the list of games!!!!!! if anyone wants to purchase this console for Endangered Gamer's living room, feel free to contact me at elmoco2000@yahoo.com

(hell yeah, it has Zero Wing!!!!!!!!)

oh yeah here's the game list.

1941 Counter Attack™ (Capcom 1990)
1942™ (Capcom 1984)
Arlington Horse Racing® (Incredible Technologies 1990)
Asteroids® (Atari 1979)
Asteroids Deluxe® (Atari 1980)
Bagman™ [UltraCade 2003 (Valadon 1982)]
Battlezone® (Atari 1980)
Berzerk® (Stern 1980)
Black Widow™ (Atari 1980)
Bomb Jack Twin™ [UltraCade 2003 (NMK 1993)]
Centipede® (Atari 1980)
Commando™ (Capcom 1985)
Crystal Castles™ (Atari 1983)
Dark Stalkers™ (Capcom 1994)
Do! Run Run™ [UltraCade 2002 (Universal 1984)]
Exed Exes™ (Capcom 1985)
Frenzy™ (Stern 1982)
Ghosts N' Goblins™ (Capcom 1985)
Ghouls N' Ghosts™ (Capcom 1988)
Gimme A Break™ [David Foley (Sente 1985)]
Goal '92™ (David Foley) (Sente 1984)
Goalie Ghost™ [David Foley (Sente 1984)]
Golden Tee Golf® (Incredible Technologies 1990)
Golden Tee Golf II® (Incredible Technologies 1992)
Gravitar™ (Atari 1982)
Grid Iron Fight™ [David Foley (Tehkan 1985)]
Gunsmoke™ (Capcom 1985)
Hat Trick™ [David Foley (Sente 1984)]
Hoccer™ [David Foley (Eastern Micro Electronics 1983)]
Hot Shots Tennis™ (Incredible Technologies 1990)
Karate Champ™ [David Foley (Nihon Bussan 1984)]
Lady Bug™ [UltraCade 2002 (Universal 1981)]
Legendary Wings™ (Capcom 1986)
Liberator™ (Atari 1982)
Lunar Lander™ (Atari 1979)
Major Havoc™ (Atari 1983)
Mega Man™ (Capcom 1995)
Mercs™ (Capcom 1990)
Millipede™ (Atari 1982)
Mini Golf™ [David Foley (Sente 1985)]
Missile Command® (Atari 1980)
Mortal Kombat® (Midway 1992)
Mr. Do!™ [UltraCade 2002 (Universal 1982)]
Mr. Do's Castle™ [UltraCade 2002 (Universal 1983)]
Mr. Do's Wild Ride™ [UltraCade 2002 (Universal 1984)]
Penguin Wars™ [UltraCade 2002 (UPL 1984)]
Pinball Action™ [UltraCade 2002 (Tehkan 1985)]
Pinbo™ [UltraCade 2002 (Jaelco 1984)]
Red Baron™ (Atari 1980)
Ring King™ [David Foley (Nihon Bussan 1985)]
Saboten Bomber™ [UltraCade 2003 (NMK 1992)]
Section Z™ (Capcom 1985)
Showdown™ [David Foley (Exidy 1988)]
Side Arms Hyper Dyne™ (Capcom 1986)
Side Pocket™ [David Foley (Nihon Bussan 1986)]
Sno Brothers 2™ [David Foley (Toaplan 1994)]
Space Duel™ (Atari 1982)
Speed Spin™ (David Foley)
Speedball™ [David Foley (Tecfri 1987)]
Spiker® [David Foley (Sente 1986)]
Street Fighter II CE™ (Capcom 1991)
Street Football™ [David Foley (Sente 1985)]
Street Hoop™ (Data East 1991)
Strider™ (Capcom 1989)
Super Breakout™ (Atari 1978)
Super Casino™ [David Foley (Data Amusements 1982)]
Super Champion Baseball™ [David Foley (Alpha 1989)]
Super Dodge Ball™ [UltraCade 2003 (Technos 1987)]
Super Dodge Ball (neo)™ [UltraCade 2003 (Technos 1987)]
Super Doubles Tennis™ [David Foley (Nihon Bussan 1983)]
Super Strike Bowling™ (Incredible Technologies 1990)
Tag Team Wrestling™ [David Foley (Nihon Bussan 1984)]
Tehkan World Cup™ [David Foley Tehkan 1985)]
Tempest™ (Atari 1980)
Truxton 2™ [David Foley (Toaplan 1992)]
UltraSlot™ (UltraCade 2004)
US Championship Vball™ [David Foley (Technos 1988)]
Vulgus™ (Capcom 1984)
Warlords™ (Atari 1980)
Wind Jammers™ [David Foley (Nihon Bussan 1994)]
Zero Wing™ [David Foley (Toaplan 1989)]

My wife and I you dork.
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