Thursday, November 30, 2006


Wednesday, November 29, 2006


Yeah, for the next 2 weeks, i'll be off on vacation, to a unnamed country. if anyone was wondering, i'm taking my Wii and Xbox 360 with me. I might update if i can get internet access, but don't hold your breath. Later!!!!!!

Tuesday, November 28, 2006


for all the people who have either emailed me or left comments, i WILL add all of you to my Mii channel. it's just that i'm super busy lately and haven't had the time to get to my wii in about 3 days. hopefully tonight or at the latest, tomorrow.

Monday, November 27, 2006

i'm going out on a limb here.......

So i was thinking...... I've played a SHITLOAD of games since my childhood, and only a select few still cross my mind occasionally. These games are from multiple systems, and most are from Nintendo and Sony systems. i never had a Sega Master System or a Genesis, having played the best games on that console waaay after they were released. So at the risk of making this blog a tasty piece of flame bait, I'm going to try to list my top games on each system I've owned (and pwned) from the Atari 2600 to the Xbox 360 and Wii. The most recent games probably won't make the tops of the lists, because i finish games less and less as i get older. it REALLY has to hold my attention to justify the time invested ( or wasted) .

Before i begin, i want to make one thing perfectly clear. this is MY top games lists, so there should be no reason anyone should feel the need to attack or second guess my list. if it's here, the game roxors my boxors. If your favorite rpg/shooter/sports/cannibal sim don't make my list, too fucking bad. that's not to say games that aren't here suck, it's just that i might not have played EVERY game in existence, so, for example, I have been around long enough to know a shitload of people think Phantasy Star on teh genesis was one of the era's best rpg's, but i didn't play it. so i can't consider it. oh, and before i forget, there will be no set schedule to the updates. I'll add games as i see fit, when i feel like it. for everyone's info, the lists will consisst of the best games ( in my opinion) for the following consoles:
Atari 2600
Atari 5200
Nintendo Entertainment System
Gameboy Color
Super Nintendo
Nintendo 64
Gameboy Advance
Playstation 2
Nintendo DS
Xbox 360
Nintendo Wii

Atari 2600

Raiders of the Lost Ark

I remember playing this game without a second controller, having lost it to a particularly nasty sore loser at combat. since the game required 2 joysticks to play, ( one to play, the other to manage your inventory and use items) i spent a shitload of time swapping the controller from port to port to play the damn thing. and the only reason i actually put up with it was because I LOVED this game. the trial and error gameplay was new and mysterious, you never knew what the new item you picked up was supposed to do, and combining items and solving puzzles was a great preview of later adventure games on the 2600 like the swordquest games. here's a brief explanation of the game from

A cross between Adventure and those deplorable Swordquest games, Raiders combines fast action with puzzle solving. While graphically challenged and often frustrating, the sense of accomplishment derived from finally uncovering the Ark makes it almost worthwhile. Consistent with the movie, gameplay involves bartering with merchants, exploring temples, avoiding snakes and thieves, and trying to locate a hidden map room revealing the location of the Ark. Outfitted with his gun and trusty whip, Indy is well animated and bears a striking resemblance to Harrison Ford. The snakes slither nicely, but the rest of the graphics look either painfully abstract or just awful in general. Characters like the thief, raving lunatic, and giant spider look so appalling that you need to consult the manual just to know what you're staring at. It's a good thing programmers don't do their own artwork anymore! The Indiana Jones theme loops annoyingly at the beginning and end of the game, but otherwise the audio is minimal. Raider's unusual control scheme requires two joysticks: one to control Indy and one to manipulate your inventory. You can carry six items at a time, which include a key, parachute, watch, shovel, and various artifacts. While it's interesting to uncover new areas, the screens can be incredibly irritating to navigate. Tsetse flies paralyze you, thieves steal your items, and falling off cliffs is a normal part of the game. Trying to determine the purpose of each item requires a great deal of trial and error. I remember back in 1982 when my little sister figured out how to blow up the rock wall with the grenade. I was astonished at the time, but years later she admitted she peeked at the hints in the back of the manual! Patient gamers will appreciate the intricate complexity of Raiders of the Lost Ark, but those with shorter attention spans will probably hate it. The ending is remarkably lame, but at least programmer Howard Scott Warshaw (of Yars' Revenge fame) incorporated some hidden secrets into it (including a "Yar" and his initials).

Sunday, November 26, 2006

Wii brings the multiplayer

This weekend i downloaded Bomberman for the Wii over the Virtual Console. I had played a wee bit of it in high school, but never really got into it, being how i was more interested in other things (girls, pot, beer,etc...) so i played a few levels of the single player game, but since i made plans to spend a few hours with friends playing the wii, i figured we'd give it a shot. what followed was about 3 hours of Bomberman, and 2 of wii sports. i haven't' had a chance before that day to play any wii games with more than 2 players, and after playing Wii Sports tennis, bowling and Bomberman, i can honestly say that the social aspect of gaming that began to disappear with the advent of online play is starting to creep back towards what gaming was. i know it's really early to say something like that, since the Wii has been out just over a week, but i had more fun this weekend playing Wii Sports and Bomberman than any other game or system this year. i remember when Halo came out, i had friends over practically every DAY, and i even bought another xbox to make system link games easier to set up. eventually another tv was bought also, and weekend 8 and 12 player brawls were frequent. even before Halo, most games had some multiplayer component. the N64 fared better than most consoles ( besides the Dreamcast ) in multiplayer games, anyone who lost nights playing Goldeneye or Perfect Dark will agree. anyways, i don't want to go into a rant, but the Wii Sports games we played really made me glad i had friends i can play with for HOURS, and the countless Bomberman matches made me wish i was better at that game. i think in the entire 3 hours that we played, i won 2 or 3 rounds. i suck. if you have a wii, and a few friends, ( it even supports 5 players, with 4 wiimotes and 1 gamecube controller) pick up bomberman. that is all.

Friday, November 24, 2006

poor Kramer

i liked this guy, but recently he's buried himself to the point that his recent troubles have practically blacklisted him (for the time being)

Wednesday, November 22, 2006 to sell 360's for $100!!!!!!

the xbox 360 has won Amazon's contest and tomorrow at 11 am it's going on sale for 100 bucks. it's the cheap-ass core version, but hell, that's $200 off!!! maybe my cheap ass friends (gil) will buy one now.

New retro game starring.........a HAMSTER!!!!!

Lost Planet Multiplayer demo coming tomorrow.....

Lost Planet...It's finally hitting XBL Marketplace tomorrow, and if you preorder on Friday, Nov. 24th, you get access to a bonus multiplayer level. I played the single player demo after it was released during the Tokyo Game Show, and it was pretty freaking sweet. Check out some footage below.

Fusion Frenzy 2 presents.......

A remake of MY favorite minigame in Fusion Frenzy, Twisted System!!!!!!
basically, you're on a rotating platform shaped like a corkscrew, and you must either jump or duck under obstacles. the cool thing is that the speed ramped up pretty quickly, and it takes quick reflexes to come out on top. anyways, here are some pics

Wii is a bluetooth THIEF!!!!!!!! [Update]

so this post on the official nintendo forums suggests that the Wii searches and takes photos from any bluetooth-enabled device. i'm taking this with a grain of salt, as i can't test it now ( stupid work) but here is the meat of the post

Yep, it's true. I just went in my photo channel just to look at the opening menu (I had no pictures on the SD card, or so I thought) when I clicked on the left button. It said that there were 12 pictures available. So, I was like "what's going on here" and viewed them. It turned out to be pictures from my brother's phone. I was thinking "Wow, cool" but my other brother immediately turned off his bluetooth on his phone. So, in conclusion, apparently the Wii just eats up photos from any device around it that has bluetooth. I don't know if this is known already or not, but in case it isn't, I'm telling you now. I should note that I had to have an SD card in to receive the pictures.

Yeah, after talking to a few friends we decided that this story is bullshit. i guess you need to exchange digits between bluetooth devices to enable a connection. oh well...

Jan Wii titles

Now this is news i like to hear.....

Codename Revolution has the scoop on Nintendo Power's January issue. Highlights include:

Monday, November 20, 2006

Wii Play coming to U.S. with controller

yep, supposedly this extention of the Wiisports game will come with a packed-in Wiimote. EBgames has it listed, So for those of you looking to beef up your remote inventory, you might want to hold off on that until January 15th. Hey, who can say no to Wii Duck Hunt?????

Best. Wedding. Present. EVAR...

post your wii numbers

this forum will facilitate exchanges between peeps.....

PS3 is having launch problems? Noooo.......

check out this post from LootNinja, who says the PS3's HD BluRay playback has some MAJOR problems......

So I’ve found pretty quickly that the PS3 has some MAJOR High Definition scaling issues. It’s affecting almost everyone in both games and movies. Many games made for 1080p won’t scale properly to 1080i, and sometimes 720p. I’m having a huge issue with Blu-Ray movies. It shows as 1080i (even though I have my HDTV setup as 720p in the Media Bar), but it’s very grainy and looks like standard DVD. I spent 2 hours on the phone tonight with Sony Customer Support trying to troubleshoot the issue. The first guy I spoke with for 45 minutes, and he was about as smart as a retarded monkey. He was basically telling me that my HDTV was broken because it can’t display 720p, even though I told him some games and all downloaded content displays fine at 720p. He wanted me to try a few things and call back. So 20 minutes later, I called back and spoke to a fairly helpful woman. After reading what happened in the last phone conversation, she put me on hold for 2 minutes, and came back and said it’s a known issue that is being looked into. I told her how angry I was about spending a shitload of money on a PS3 and Blu-Ray movies for it all not to work as it should (and highly advertised by Sony). She said a firmware update should be available “in the next couple days” and that their team is “aware it’s a major issue and will be fixing it quickly.” Yeah, I’m sure that means 2 months before we see anything.

It’s pretty sad how broken the PS3 is. There’s tons of issues people are coming up. You’d think they’d do some better QA. I also found that it will completely freeze up if you try to reply to any messages you have on the system. Aside from that, there’s a ton of annoyances that could be fixed fairly easily. For instance, getting notifications of messages and when friends come online, like on 360, background downloading and queuing of downloads in the PlayStation Store, like on 360, a more unified online presence (same friends list in the XMB and across all games), like on 360. Sony has seen Microsoft make all these huge advances that people have come to expect and love, and haven’t done a thing to incorporate any of it into their system. Hopefully we’ll see it soon.

Sunday, November 19, 2006

...I don't know what to say......

Triforce found atop a M.I.T. building

those silly kids.....

So if you didn't get a wii.........

.....There's this guy, who is going to play with his wii (heh....) for an entire week straight!!!!!!!
Yep, He's going to play every launch game for a whole week, and he's broadcasting it over the internet, LIVE!!!!!!! these are his rules....

Here's the basic guide lines for my Week With Wii:

  1. I will only be sleeping 4hrs. a day (usually 2:00am-6:00am)
  2. I will be updating my blog every 4 hrs. (This should take me about 15 mins. to do)
  3. I'll only be leaving my room to (a) use the bathroom (if its a duece than it might take 15min). (b) if my dad needs something (parents and relatives might be over for Thanksgiving).

Wot a HARDCORE dude. i don't think i would be able to play for a whole day, let alone a whole week!!!!!!! Let's see if this guy can actually do this!!!!

Check out the video feed here....

Wii console number [update]

add your console numbers to the chatbox on the left of the screen. nobody checks the comments on this post anymore, since it's almost a year old......

if anyone out there wants to list me as a friend on their brand-spanking new Wii, my friend code is

1265 1246 4073 9222

Post your Wii console codes on the comments, or just email me your # and i'll add you.

I WANT FRIENDS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Reggie SMASH!!!!!!

Holy poo-poo, you've freaking GOT to love this shirt, given to Gamestop customers who buy 2 ds games. that mean-ass dude looks like Reggie and he's ready to KICK SOME ASS!!!!!!!!!!

Launch Day

So i just woke up, and i'm about to head down to Gamespot to pick up the wii i had preordered. i think spanny sent me a friend request, so i'll respond as soon as i get a chance. for anyone else out there with a wii, i'll post my friend code later today. and try, just TRY not to be totally addicted to the Mii creation system. seriously, i spent about an hour and a half last night making Mii's of eveyone i knew at my house. i have about 13 Mii's on my Wii right now!!! ( mii's on my wii.....heh....)

Saturday, November 18, 2006

Wii Play

Two of my friends came over yesterday and were doing the Wiisports shuffle.

Friday, November 17, 2006

Here are some pics of my Wii......(heh.)

Rainbow Six Vegas

there is a Mulitplayer demo for Rainbow six vegas out now for the XBL Marketplace. sadly, i wont be playing it cuz i'll be kicking ass in Red Steel and Zelda.

Wii: Day One

So i just finally turned the Wii off, after about 6 hours playing it nonstop. Nintendo hit a home run with the dashboard design, it really kicks ass, with the cool-ass Brian Eno ambient music in the background. and the system could not be easier to navigate, even setting up my wi-fi connection was a breeze. Gil did me a favor and posted the info as soon as i called him, so thanks to him. Sorry i don't have pics to post now, i can't seem to find my mini-usb cable for my camera. One cool thing about the Wiimote: the finger pointer used on the dashboard menus knows if you are rotating it. so if you hold the wiimote in the normal position and then rotate your wrist, the finger pointer also rotates. it's a small detail, but very cool...

I have NOT had the chance to play zelda in depth yet, since i was entertaining 4 people and they all wanted to play. it would have been to boring for them to just watch. i cancelled my Gamespot reserve for Zelda and exchanged the credit for Red Steel, and it was easily the game of the night. I can say without reservation that the feared "wiimote learning curve" is not that bad. it took me about 10 minutes of playing Red Steel to get comfortable with the control, and the game is really good at easing you in and explaining the different moves and controls. it switches from sword combat to gun combat fairly quickly, and besides the cheesy voice acting, an all around solid effort from Ubisoft.

Rampage sucks. 'nuff said.

Wii Sports is great, and i was able to finally get comfortable with the boxing controls. it's alot easier than i originally thought. ( or maybe there were some tweaks from the last E3 build we played at the Wii party)

i fucking LOVE the menu music.

Excite Truck was also much easier to use, after setting up my sensitivity options.

i also picked up Rayman Raving Rabbits, but for some fucking crazy ass reason they won't let you play any multiplayer till you complete one level of the Story mode. that sucks ass, cuz i heard it had some of the best party games.

seems like the WiiConnect servers aren't up yet, i tried to connect a few times, and no luck.

that's all, kids.

and by the way, Kevin, i AM using the component cables they sent me.

Thursday, November 16, 2006

Wii Has Arrived

The Endangered Gamer has received the following FREE from Nintendo:
  1. One Nintendo Wii Package
  2. Extra controller and nunchuck
  3. Component Video Cable,
  4. Excite Truck,
  5. Zelda, and
  6. Rampage.
No post today, will prob post tomorrow!


Still Waiting.....

My wife has been on watch for the Fedex guy.......this is the tracking info, and as you can see, the package weighs 11's GOT to be a Wii.........

Hold on to yer hats.....

i got an email from Nintendo last night.....

they have fedex'd a package to me.....

Wednesday, November 15, 2006

poor bastards

If i really wanted to get a Wii, and had no money or a job, you better believe i'd come up with SOMETHING to get the cash. That being said, i can't really fault these guys for asking complete strangers to donate money for them to buy a Wii, but I can point and make fun of them. You'd think they would have their flash of inspiration a few MONTHS before the launch, not 4 days!!!!!! as of this writing, they have about $15 collected. that won't even pay the sales tax!!!!! BWAAHAAHAAHAAHAA!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Maddox lays the Smackdown!!!!!!

After months and months of dead space and no updates, Maddox has finally pointed his lasersight on none other than Sony and their craptacular new console. hands down the funniest shit (no pun intended) I've heard all week. just click on the image, or here to see the master of the bitch and moan do his thing.
( and yeah, i know it's a few days old, so go kiss a pickle)

i don't even know what the hell this post on destructoid is about, but the pic they included is funny as hell.....
Check out this cell-shaded hotel room. it's from a hotel in Berlin. they let some kooky artists design each room, and one of them must reallly like Jet Set Radio.

Happy Halo Day!!!!!!!

Big news coming from bungie this morning. first up, there will be a Halo 3 commercial on Monday Night Football on Dec 3. since i'll probably be playing with my Wii ( heh...) i'll get it of the XBL Marketplace that night. second, there will be a PUBLIC beta test next spring for the multiplayer portion of Halo 3.....I'm going to do everything i can to try to get in on that....or maybe they just release a demo over XBL......and finally......


After saying that they wouldn't put out any new maps last year, bungie does a 180 and says that they'll release new maps for Xbox 360 owners ONLY. now you have a reason to get a 360, if you didn't have one already. check out all the news here.

Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Mario slays the PS3

I got an email today from Nathan Eddy, from some site named ( ooh, sounds feisty!!!!) about some poem from a nintendo fanboy. seems that he believes the PS3 is a big tumor that only our favorite plumber can cut out. check it out here..

Halo 3 For Sale.

Buy me.


Monday, November 13, 2006

Xbox Premium for 299!?!?!?!?!?!

 has the drop on the best sale of the year, for anyone who hasn't already bought a Xbox 360. a $100 rebate!!! yep, it's good for the premium or the regular( hard-drive-less) version. if you can find a Microcenter store, get to it NOW!!!!!!!

I mean, get there TOMORROW!!!

Sunday, November 12, 2006

PS3 Scams

so this helpful poster over at my local posted some interesting info for any sheep looking to buy a PS3 from ebay or any other golddigging website. it seems like EB and Gamestop is requiring anyone who got a PS3 preorder to pick it up in person. You don't actually need the receipt, since they have your info on file, all you need is a picture id. I hope all these chumps who are thinking of buying the preorder TICKET read this, cuz it would suck if all they paid for was a worthless reciept.

wow....i'm going to ignore teh internets....

It seems like every website associated with videogames and Nintendo in particular is on a Wii post overload. Kotaku, Joystiq, GoNintendo, Destructoid, Gamespot, IGN, etc have all gotten their Wii systems, and are posting videos and pics like madmen. i for one, will ignore ALL of these sites for the next week, as seeing all this Wii porn is making me more and more anxious to get my system next sunday. Damn you, online videogame media!!!! DAMN YOU STRAIGHT TO HELL!!!!!!!!


Thursday, November 9, 2006

hey, I want to get sued, too!!!!

Kotaku was warned by the ESA for posting this pic of a parody tshirt. i guess they are ready to sic the lawyers on them if they don't remove this post.... what a bunch of turd flowers....

Wednesday, November 8, 2006

Guitar Hero 2 Contest

Here's a chance for all you Guitar Hero freeks to actually get something for your mad thrashing skillz besides empty cheers from a imaginary audience....Guitar Center is having a contest at all their locations, check out the link for more info......that means you, ellen!!!!!

Tuesday, November 7, 2006

Gears of War

So after playing throught the campaign for about 2 hours, and playing online for another 2 hours, i feel totally confident in saying that Gears of War is THE killer app for the Xbox 360. from the frantic gameplay ( i never thought i would LOVE reloading!!!) to the War-gasmic visuals, you can't go wrong by buying this game. period. the multiplayer has a pretty steep learning curve, i kept getting my ass handed to me till i stopped pretending i was playing halo and learned the "stop and pop" style . Game of the Year, for sure.....

Monday, November 6, 2006

Nintendo Unplugged

My friend Gil has been trying to play the music from Castlevania on his guitar, and to give him some motivation, here are a trio of Nintendo fans playing some NES-era music on acoustic guitars.....

borat on the Today Show


Xbox Live getting OnDemand-like video download service.....

this is cool stuff, as long as Microsoft decides to release a bigger hard drive.....


Today, Microsoft revealed it plans to further blur the line between the Xbox 360 as a gaming console and multimedia machine. Beginning November 22, the company will begin serving up on-demand movies and television programs from major studios for the console over Xbox Live. Initially available only in the Unites States, the service will be part of Xbox Live Marketplace and promises to have about 1,000 hours of unique content, 200 of which will be at 720p high-definition resolution, available by the end of the year.

Microsoft has signed with six content partners in the endeavor, including CBS, Turner Broadcasting, Warner Brothers, Paramount, MTV and its properties (Comedy Central, Cartoon Network, VH1, and more), and UFC, the Ultimate Fighting Championship league. The company would not go into details about the terms of the deals, nor would they say whether or not they had exclusive rights to the programming.

"This really highlights the difference between us and Sony," Shane Kim, general manager of Microsoft Game Studios told GameSpot. "Sony has a very hardware-centric approach. You have to buy the Blu-ray drive whether you want it or not... The fact that we're a software company gives an enormous competitive advantage, because we can add capabilities like this. This is totally integrated seamlessly for our users. .... That's a big, big difference when you talk about future-proofing and flexibility. ... We're in a much better position to continue to add capabilities, that's the big difference between the hardware-centric and software-centric approaches."

Television shows and movies will be available in both high-definition (720p) and standard definition (480p). While TV programs will be buy-to-own and remain on the Xbox 360 hard drive until it is deleted by users, movies will be delivered on a rental basis. Downloaded movies remain on the hard drive for up to two weeks, but once a user begins watching the movie, it is deleted 24 hours later. For that period, however, the movie can be viewed as many times as the purchaser wants.

Second Job to pay for games......

Yeah, so this is probably going to be the most cash-sucking week in a LOOOONG time for any gamers out there. Let's see....we got the PS3 and Wii launch, ( and all the games that come with that), the releases of Gears of War, Viva Pinata, and Guitar Hero 2, and some crappy RPG called Final Fantasy XXIXXIXIXIX or whatever. not to mention all the other games like Call of Duty 3, Tony Hawk's Project 8, Final Fantasy V Advance (GBA),Elite Beat Agents (DS),Lumines II (PSP),Every Extend Extra (PSP), and countless other crappy games.....oh, and let's not forget Contra this on XBLA this Wensday. thank god i already have Zelda: Twilight Princess and my Wii payed off.
( yeah, my Wii's paid for.....heh....)
As for all the other games, the only game I'm actually going to buy is Gears of War. the rest ( including Guitar Hero 2, sadly) will be trickling in courtesy of Gamefly. Oh well.....i really want a couch, so sacrifices must be made......
maybe I'll get another job......


CliffyB's got to find himself a catwalk, check out this montage of Zoolander-esqe poses.....

Sunday, November 5, 2006

sunday chuckle

Thursday, November 2, 2006

Zelda: TP videos

after getting tipped off by Spanny about some new twilight princess vids, i looked around and found this vid on Youtube with some varying bits of gameplay. i guess you can turn into a frog, too. cool.

the official nintendo site has a few more vids, check them out here, here and here.....

Wednesday, November 1, 2006

Freebird on Giutar Hero 2 on expert

Kotaku posted this video, and it's batshit insane how hard it gets at the 5 min. mark, and even more crazy at the 7 min. mark....... i now know i will never pass this song on expert......

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