Monday, November 27, 2006

i'm going out on a limb here.......

So i was thinking...... I've played a SHITLOAD of games since my childhood, and only a select few still cross my mind occasionally. These games are from multiple systems, and most are from Nintendo and Sony systems. i never had a Sega Master System or a Genesis, having played the best games on that console waaay after they were released. So at the risk of making this blog a tasty piece of flame bait, I'm going to try to list my top games on each system I've owned (and pwned) from the Atari 2600 to the Xbox 360 and Wii. The most recent games probably won't make the tops of the lists, because i finish games less and less as i get older. it REALLY has to hold my attention to justify the time invested ( or wasted) .

Before i begin, i want to make one thing perfectly clear. this is MY top games lists, so there should be no reason anyone should feel the need to attack or second guess my list. if it's here, the game roxors my boxors. If your favorite rpg/shooter/sports/cannibal sim don't make my list, too fucking bad. that's not to say games that aren't here suck, it's just that i might not have played EVERY game in existence, so, for example, I have been around long enough to know a shitload of people think Phantasy Star on teh genesis was one of the era's best rpg's, but i didn't play it. so i can't consider it. oh, and before i forget, there will be no set schedule to the updates. I'll add games as i see fit, when i feel like it. for everyone's info, the lists will consisst of the best games ( in my opinion) for the following consoles:
Atari 2600
Atari 5200
Nintendo Entertainment System
Gameboy Color
Super Nintendo
Nintendo 64
Gameboy Advance
Playstation 2
Nintendo DS
Xbox 360
Nintendo Wii

Atari 2600

Raiders of the Lost Ark

I remember playing this game without a second controller, having lost it to a particularly nasty sore loser at combat. since the game required 2 joysticks to play, ( one to play, the other to manage your inventory and use items) i spent a shitload of time swapping the controller from port to port to play the damn thing. and the only reason i actually put up with it was because I LOVED this game. the trial and error gameplay was new and mysterious, you never knew what the new item you picked up was supposed to do, and combining items and solving puzzles was a great preview of later adventure games on the 2600 like the swordquest games. here's a brief explanation of the game from

A cross between Adventure and those deplorable Swordquest games, Raiders combines fast action with puzzle solving. While graphically challenged and often frustrating, the sense of accomplishment derived from finally uncovering the Ark makes it almost worthwhile. Consistent with the movie, gameplay involves bartering with merchants, exploring temples, avoiding snakes and thieves, and trying to locate a hidden map room revealing the location of the Ark. Outfitted with his gun and trusty whip, Indy is well animated and bears a striking resemblance to Harrison Ford. The snakes slither nicely, but the rest of the graphics look either painfully abstract or just awful in general. Characters like the thief, raving lunatic, and giant spider look so appalling that you need to consult the manual just to know what you're staring at. It's a good thing programmers don't do their own artwork anymore! The Indiana Jones theme loops annoyingly at the beginning and end of the game, but otherwise the audio is minimal. Raider's unusual control scheme requires two joysticks: one to control Indy and one to manipulate your inventory. You can carry six items at a time, which include a key, parachute, watch, shovel, and various artifacts. While it's interesting to uncover new areas, the screens can be incredibly irritating to navigate. Tsetse flies paralyze you, thieves steal your items, and falling off cliffs is a normal part of the game. Trying to determine the purpose of each item requires a great deal of trial and error. I remember back in 1982 when my little sister figured out how to blow up the rock wall with the grenade. I was astonished at the time, but years later she admitted she peeked at the hints in the back of the manual! Patient gamers will appreciate the intricate complexity of Raiders of the Lost Ark, but those with shorter attention spans will probably hate it. The ending is remarkably lame, but at least programmer Howard Scott Warshaw (of Yars' Revenge fame) incorporated some hidden secrets into it (including a "Yar" and his initials).
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