Sunday, November 19, 2006

So if you didn't get a wii.........

.....There's this guy, who is going to play with his wii (heh....) for an entire week straight!!!!!!!
Yep, He's going to play every launch game for a whole week, and he's broadcasting it over the internet, LIVE!!!!!!! these are his rules....

Here's the basic guide lines for my Week With Wii:

  1. I will only be sleeping 4hrs. a day (usually 2:00am-6:00am)
  2. I will be updating my blog every 4 hrs. (This should take me about 15 mins. to do)
  3. I'll only be leaving my room to (a) use the bathroom (if its a duece than it might take 15min). (b) if my dad needs something (parents and relatives might be over for Thanksgiving).

Wot a HARDCORE dude. i don't think i would be able to play for a whole day, let alone a whole week!!!!!!! Let's see if this guy can actually do this!!!!

Check out the video feed here....

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