Sunday, November 26, 2006

Wii brings the multiplayer

This weekend i downloaded Bomberman for the Wii over the Virtual Console. I had played a wee bit of it in high school, but never really got into it, being how i was more interested in other things (girls, pot, beer,etc...) so i played a few levels of the single player game, but since i made plans to spend a few hours with friends playing the wii, i figured we'd give it a shot. what followed was about 3 hours of Bomberman, and 2 of wii sports. i haven't' had a chance before that day to play any wii games with more than 2 players, and after playing Wii Sports tennis, bowling and Bomberman, i can honestly say that the social aspect of gaming that began to disappear with the advent of online play is starting to creep back towards what gaming was. i know it's really early to say something like that, since the Wii has been out just over a week, but i had more fun this weekend playing Wii Sports and Bomberman than any other game or system this year. i remember when Halo came out, i had friends over practically every DAY, and i even bought another xbox to make system link games easier to set up. eventually another tv was bought also, and weekend 8 and 12 player brawls were frequent. even before Halo, most games had some multiplayer component. the N64 fared better than most consoles ( besides the Dreamcast ) in multiplayer games, anyone who lost nights playing Goldeneye or Perfect Dark will agree. anyways, i don't want to go into a rant, but the Wii Sports games we played really made me glad i had friends i can play with for HOURS, and the countless Bomberman matches made me wish i was better at that game. i think in the entire 3 hours that we played, i won 2 or 3 rounds. i suck. if you have a wii, and a few friends, ( it even supports 5 players, with 4 wiimotes and 1 gamecube controller) pick up bomberman. that is all.
did you get it to run 5 players?

I 3 Remotes and a GC controller running and the remotes were 1,2, and 3. the controller was plugged in port 1. then my brother and i (remote and gc) were having issues controlling 1st player.
Can't wait. Couple o' weeks to go. I need to get me a wireless router first though!
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