Thursday, November 16, 2006

Wii Has Arrived

The Endangered Gamer has received the following FREE from Nintendo:
  1. One Nintendo Wii Package
  2. Extra controller and nunchuck
  3. Component Video Cable,
  4. Excite Truck,
  5. Zelda, and
  6. Rampage.
No post today, will prob post tomorrow!


Plus you have one on reserve you lucky hoe. Thanks to Gamestop I have to track one down still. They only have enough to fill their preorders.
Are you planning on using that componant cable?
BITCH!!! You BITCH!! I can't believe they sent you all those!? At least that's money toward a PS3 (even though I can't see the incentive for buying one now, when the current games are tat!)

Kudos El Moco!! Play enough Wii for the both of us and every other UK gamer! We still gotta wait 3 friggin' weeks.
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