Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Wii is a bluetooth THIEF!!!!!!!! [Update]

so this post on the official nintendo forums suggests that the Wii searches and takes photos from any bluetooth-enabled device. i'm taking this with a grain of salt, as i can't test it now ( stupid work) but here is the meat of the post

Yep, it's true. I just went in my photo channel just to look at the opening menu (I had no pictures on the SD card, or so I thought) when I clicked on the left button. It said that there were 12 pictures available. So, I was like "what's going on here" and viewed them. It turned out to be pictures from my brother's phone. I was thinking "Wow, cool" but my other brother immediately turned off his bluetooth on his phone. So, in conclusion, apparently the Wii just eats up photos from any device around it that has bluetooth. I don't know if this is known already or not, but in case it isn't, I'm telling you now. I should note that I had to have an SD card in to receive the pictures.

Yeah, after talking to a few friends we decided that this story is bullshit. i guess you need to exchange digits between bluetooth devices to enable a connection. oh well...
*LOL!* I don't know anybody who walks around with Bluetooth enabled on their phone. I certainly don't!

That is cool though.
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