Friday, November 17, 2006

Wii: Day One

So i just finally turned the Wii off, after about 6 hours playing it nonstop. Nintendo hit a home run with the dashboard design, it really kicks ass, with the cool-ass Brian Eno ambient music in the background. and the system could not be easier to navigate, even setting up my wi-fi connection was a breeze. Gil did me a favor and posted the info as soon as i called him, so thanks to him. Sorry i don't have pics to post now, i can't seem to find my mini-usb cable for my camera. One cool thing about the Wiimote: the finger pointer used on the dashboard menus knows if you are rotating it. so if you hold the wiimote in the normal position and then rotate your wrist, the finger pointer also rotates. it's a small detail, but very cool...

I have NOT had the chance to play zelda in depth yet, since i was entertaining 4 people and they all wanted to play. it would have been to boring for them to just watch. i cancelled my Gamespot reserve for Zelda and exchanged the credit for Red Steel, and it was easily the game of the night. I can say without reservation that the feared "wiimote learning curve" is not that bad. it took me about 10 minutes of playing Red Steel to get comfortable with the control, and the game is really good at easing you in and explaining the different moves and controls. it switches from sword combat to gun combat fairly quickly, and besides the cheesy voice acting, an all around solid effort from Ubisoft.

Rampage sucks. 'nuff said.

Wii Sports is great, and i was able to finally get comfortable with the boxing controls. it's alot easier than i originally thought. ( or maybe there were some tweaks from the last E3 build we played at the Wii party)

i fucking LOVE the menu music.

Excite Truck was also much easier to use, after setting up my sensitivity options.

i also picked up Rayman Raving Rabbits, but for some fucking crazy ass reason they won't let you play any multiplayer till you complete one level of the Story mode. that sucks ass, cuz i heard it had some of the best party games.

seems like the WiiConnect servers aren't up yet, i tried to connect a few times, and no luck.

that's all, kids.

and by the way, Kevin, i AM using the component cables they sent me.
*screams like a bitch!* You got'cha self a Wiiiiiiiiiiiii!!!!!
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