Monday, September 11, 2006

Contest Results

Soo..... after the HUGE crowds that showed up on friday, it was hard as hell to choose 2 winners.....aah, who am i kidding.



so, if you were the guy driving around for an hour ( as someone in the chat box said) and you DIDN'T see 5 nerds playing with their ds lites with a 4 foot Wii sign above them, too bad. i ended up inviting a couple of non-gamers, who are cool cats.

all you blogtrolls missed out.

oh great, now Kotaku has gotten wind of this.......

i hate you, eliza......
Man, if only I lived in the Chicago I would have been there. Sorry to hear you had a lousy turnout. Probably better for Nintendo though, considering they really wanna go after the non-gamer crowd with the Wii anyway. Oh well, have fun at the party!
Goddamn. I live, literally, a block away. At Damen and 17th. And I even knew it was coming up.. and I completely forgot about it.

Of course, I was just going to show up to see who else was there. I've never owned a nintendo device before.. although I'm definitely getting a Wii.

Man, I bet if I'd remembered I would have gotten the tickets by default, too. :(
I was stuck in a seminar i need to get my masters :(
I cannot stress to you enough how much i want to go :(

plan on trying to give away the 2 tickets again?

I dont have an excuse, I must have missed it up on kotaku even though I check it every day :(

I'm just a 21 year old gamer completely wii crazy
So day a 16 year old was the only one who showed, would you drop the whole "kiddy" thing?
Man, that's lame. I didn't bother since I didn't really come up with much I figured would do well enough... plus work. It seems I would have gotten in just for showing up lol.

Oh well. Hope you guys had fun. I'm pretty sure of it lol
I just learned about this event right now, and holy crap. I work nearby, and would have been there had I only learned about this sooner! DAMMIT!

Will there be another oppurtunity, or is all hope lost?
all hope is lost. the invites are gone, and my sadness at the extreme laziness of chicago gamers has slowly faded into a dull throb.

poo poo.


can i bribe you with alcohol?
I wish I knew about this earlier :(
I just read the first article and was all excited but then found this one and was pretty disappointed. (I live in the suburbs of Chicago)

But even if I had known I wouldn't have been able to go, since i'm only 15 and Chicago isnt exactly the best place to trust strangers (especially if they are going into a van with covered windows like the people did for the California Wii Party :p).

So anyways, I would have loved to go, but I guess I can try and wait until Nov. 19 :P
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