Wednesday, September 27, 2006

WTF!?!?! News comes in RIVERS and DROVES!!!!!!

today, at their X06 event, Microsoft made quite a few announcements. First, DOOM is online NOW, on Xbox live, with Online Multiplayer for 4. very cool. the game costs 800 MS points.
Second, there is a Halo RTS being developed by Ensemble Studios, called Halo Wars ( wot a shitty name).
Third, the HD-DVD drive will be released for 199.99 and will come with a Xbox Media Remote, and a copy of King Kong. Check out, Joysiq,( joystiq is liveblogging) and Destructoid for more details. Sounds like great news all around.

( oh, shit, also GTA 4 for Xbox 360 will have exclusive episodes with 3+ hours of gameplay a few months after the game launches next year.)
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