Wednesday, September 13, 2006

New Wii info tonight......[Update] [Update 2]

So i was checking out, and they're having a update-a-thon during tonight's Nintendo press conference in japan. Hopefully they'll reveal pricing and launch date info today or tomorrow, when the U.S. conference will take place in New York.

My prediction????

$199.99 price, and a Nov 21 U.S. launch.

ya heard it here first.

ha, it seems like all of the nintendo fans rabid for info got duped by who were
posting details of a press confrence from LAST YEAR.

From the Gonintendo "Just in Case" comments...
Honestly, GWN's actions, and most everyone elses, in this matter are digusting. This is why gaming journalism is so frowned upon. They've taken fans sincere interest in news, and posted information without any real integrity, or presence in Japan for that matter. I propose, despite their previous respectable efforts towards Gonintendo, someone hack that site into a fucksplosion.

We've all bought into this conference, and no one has made sure it's actually starting now, no one has any presense there, no one even knows if it is an open conference. Everyone is as guilty as Joystiq's Robert Summa for hype-mongering.

Well said, sir.

[Update 2]


Apparently, most sites and chatroom bloggers were actually relying on a GWN page for live information. The GWN site, in turn, appeared to be reporting a video feed from several months ago, and the entire internet is on the verge of exploding. This is an absolute debacle, and we sincerely apologize to our readers for this travesty. We know that the conference should be going on at the moment, and we're searching tirelessly for confirmed information. We'll get back to you as SOON as we possibly can.

Update: We've got confirmed reports that the press conference will actually begin at around 1:00 AM EDT. It's unknown at this time how the entire internet could fail at time-zone calculations and/or announced start times. At this point, it either hasn't started or no website on the planet has information on us, we've checked. More when we've got it.

The internet is about to explode?!?!?! NO WAI!!!!!!!!

Engadget posted the rumor that it would sell for 170 USD back in August.
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