Wednesday, September 6, 2006

Details [UPDATE 1]

So this Friday, Sep 8 is the big bash. I heard it was on, and

So, now for some questions......
Can you change the date/location/time/city so i can attend??

No. this is most convenient place and time for me, near my home and ALL public transportation. if you're worried or on the fence about making a 10-20-45 min drive, you don't really want to go.

Is there an age limit???

for Nintendo, no. for me, yes. I don't want to deal with kiddies, so you MUST be over 18 to compete. No exceptions.

What if me and my friends win??

i only have 2 slots left. that's TWO. so if you and all your friends perform Beowulf dressed as Nintendo characters, you'll still only get 2 passes. sorry.

Where exactly is the meeting place??

right now, the location is the SE corner of Damen ave and 18th st. ( that's the NW corner of the park) i'll have a giant Wii sign, which i'll use to ATTACK THE WEAK POINT FOR MASSIVE DAMAGE.

any other questions can be commented on below, and I'll update this post accordingly.

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How should we send you our proof? I can't seem to find an email address anywhere on your site.
i guess you can BRING it with you....

and comment here, i get alerts when anyone does....
How many entries do you have or expect to have?
2. it's in the post.

The txt is what you're looking for, and the pictures are just small proof of the posters I mentioned. Comment on my blog ( ) with any questions.
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