Tuesday, February 20, 2007

broken record....

I spent about 5 hours playing Crackdown this afternoon (stupid work) and had a fucking BLAST. from playing the demo, i knew the first thing on the agenda was maxing out my agility by finding all the agility orbs scattered around the game. Then i realised there were 500 of them. and the game is HUGE. I feel like a crackhead now, looking everywhere for the green orbs, and hearing the crystal hummmmm......The leveling up is way slower than in the demo, but that's to be expected. what i didn't expect was the difference in architecture in the different sections of the city. Slums, gleaming spires in the sky, shipping docks, suburbs, yuppie urban starbucks zones, you name it, it's there. good shit. by the way, I'm not accepting any co-op game invites or intrusions, at least till i get maxed out in all the skillz.By the way, the four chaps you see above are the new skins released today for Crackdown. download them from the marketplace, they're free, you fool!!!! (BTW, I'm playing the campaign as chap #2)
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