Wednesday, February 7, 2007

Marrige+gaming= endangered gamer??

I've been married now for about 5 months now, and the hammer I've been fearing hasn't fallen yet. I really thought my days of being a semi-hardcore gamer were going to end, but i underestimated the effect of being the Nintendo Wii ambassador has had on my wife. getting a Wii and a DS lite for free was a HUGE bonus, and not having to justify the purchase price has helped my wife embrace gaming. maybe embrace is too strong a word. tolerate is more like it. She's played her share of Wii Sports, but that's about it. more importantly, the delicate balance of gaming vs. life has been in place since we were married, with me getting about 8-10 hours a week of gaming time. some weeks it's less, and I'm sure that once the weather breaks I'll be getting less time because of something called "the outdoors". but since i was expecting NO gaming time before i was married, i appreciate her tolerance of my hobby. Destructoid had a great article yesterday addressing the dilemma of newly-married gamers trying cope with the changes of married life. it's a great read for anyone on the path to marriage, or considering it.
why must it be so loud?
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