Monday, February 12, 2007

cover your eyes, child......

After getting some sleep, I'm back to posting with my normal irregularity. I was hung over all day yesterday, after returning from my trip to Austin, all i wanted to do was stick my head in a ice bucket and sleep. I went with my wife to celebrate my brother-in-law's leaving the Army and joining civilian life. after 2 tours of duty in Iraq, it's a well deserved celebration, and the party Saturday was awesome!! It had a Pajama theme, so all the guests were rocking their sleep duds and lounging around drinking wine and Shiner Bach. the reason I'm telling you all this, dear reader, is to justify the following image:
This guy shows up to the party, and during the "best pajama Soul-Train" walk through, pulled his shirt up and almost caused everyone to spray beer everywhere. Apparently he's a Army Lieutenant and was my brother-in-law's good buddy.
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