Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Wii Play

Yesterday i finally got around to checking my mail, and guess what was there??

Nintendo sent me Wii Play, with the free controller package and everything!! Now, I've been waiting for this game since the Wii launched ( i've had a sneaky suspicion that some of the games in Wii Play SHOULD have been on Wii Sports). It's really an extension of Wii Sports, and a great way to justify the purchase of an extra Wii Remote. the games themselves are really simple, and only one uses the nunchuck (tanks). the reviews have painted this game as overly simple and shallow, but i like to think of getting Wii Play for free with the purchase of a Wii remote. the nine games included are Billards, Laser Hockey, Charge!!( ride a cow and knock over scarecrows), Tanks! (think atari 2600 combat, using the nunchuck to move and the wii remote to point and shoot), Fishing,Pose Mii ( a game were you rotate your mii with the wiimote and strike cheesy poses), shooting gallery ( a updated Duck Hunt), Find Mii,( a where's waldo type game) and Table Tennis. once i get some quality time in with these games, i'll get a review up....
When in hell are they gonna stop sending you shit!?
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