Sunday, February 18, 2007

Sunday Art Haterade, Zelda paper, and Nerds on Parade

Spent all day today at the Art Institute. I really went there in the hopes of finding something interesting i haven't seen before, but most of the stuff i saw was.....stale, i guess. My appreciation of art does not extend to stuff like this

or this

Both of these paintings were on exhibit there today, and call me crazy, but I'd like to see stuff hanging in a museum that I can't make. I'm not trying to be a meathead about it, but to paint a canvas 3 shades of black and call it art is bullshit.

anyway, the impending release of Crackdown has got me buzzing with anticipation. In two days, we'll see just how much staying power it has. I just hope i don't get bored of it before the Halo 3 beta begins.

linkpic5If you ever wanted to create some Papercraft of Zelda characters, here's your chance to get some really detailed instructions, complete with PDF files to print out with the fold lines included. So now there's no excuse, fanboy!!!( i'm going to start on my link RIGHT NOW!!!!)

This guy gets a gold star just for the preparation he puts into playing the Super Mario Brothers theme. He's such a drama queen.

and just when you thought it you've seen it all, along comes this guy, playing the SMB theme with his HANDS.

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