Wednesday, February 28, 2007


I've passed the 10,000 mark in my Gamerscore. This might not mean much to some people, but it's significant to me because up until about 2 months ago, i didn't really care what it was, but my score was hovering at about 9000 for far too long. the Wii was the reason for that, but now that the Nintendo drought is in full effect, I'm back on the Xbox saddle, and I've been playing Crackdown and Rainbow Six: Vegas for the last few nights. RS:V has a ridiculous achievement worth 30 Gamerpoints if you use the Xbox Live Vision camera to create a online avatar. It's not the best use of the Gamerscore system, but hey, i don't make games, just play them. For a real Gamerscore Whore, check this out....

I've just finished Crackdown. This is probably the fastest i've finished a game in a LOOOONG time, i just powerleveled through it and got 'er done. It's a great game, but the main complaints about it being not focused enough and not having much to do besides leveling up and killing bosses is spot on. I still need the multiplayer achievements, the stunt driving achievement and the Rooftop race achievement, i'll try to get those this weekend sometime.

I tried the G.R.A.W. 2 MP demo last night too, and wasn't impressed. maybe it's my tv, but the bloom lighting effects are too intense, it seems like my screen is going from dark to supernova and back too much. This looks like the first Ghost Recon game i'm NOT buying when it comes out.

I also tried the MLB 2k7 demo last night, and the media screenshots look better than this game looks at home. I need a HDTV, dammit.
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