Thursday, February 8, 2007

Def Jam: Icon

I spent some time with the Def Jam: Icon demo that was recently released on XBLM. my taste in hip hop is in the Digable Planets/DeLaSoul/DJ Spooky vein, so i'm not too familiar with the guys in the demo. I'm familiar enough with crappy fighting games, and in this regard, DJ:I hits the nail on the head. Sloppy, slow and broken are adjectives that come to mind when thinking of this game. The combat system is just broken, it's like they tried to take Fight Night Rd. 3's control scheme and somehow wrap it around this game. grapples are performed with the d-pad (WTF??), and the face buttons are used for high(x,y) and low (b,a) attacks. the right stick is used for stronger attacks, and the bumper buttons are used to delay the "beat", a key component of the gameplay. what's supposed to happen is that the game's hits and attacks are coordinated with the beats in the music, and the background pulses and throbs with beat. it sound WAY cooler than it looks. I never really understood what the hell was going on, it seems like the game was playing itself sometimes, and the total lack of a HUD made it even more vague. to be honest, i played 5 games and i can't tell you if i won or lost them. It's a shame EA Chicago was responsible for this game, they made one of last year's best games in Fight Night Rd. 3, but took a big doo doo dump with this game.

stay away.

far, far away.
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