Friday, January 11, 2008

Warcraft impressions

i spent a few hours last night with a trial version of World of Warcraft. it's been a few years since the game's been out, and i'm fully aware of it's status as the reigning champ of the pc mmo world, but 3 hours is enough to know it's not for me. i've never been a fan of this type of game, or of PC RPG's in general. having heard stories of the level grind players go through to get to a respectable level makes it even less appealing. that's not to say the game isn't good, but in my opinion, i'd rather be in a MMO where i can shoot someone or toss a grenade at their feet than skip around with 20 other people poking an overgrown gerbil with a sword. maybe i've had too much haterade, but whatever, that's my opinion.

and wtf with that monster 4 gig install??
There's more to deter me from this game than there is things to attract me to it. But reading "4 gig install" put the final nail in the coffin. I won't be wasting my time (or life) on this shit.
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