Sunday, January 20, 2008

weekend games

so i spent a big chunk of the weekend plowing through the Orange Box version of Half Life 2. after abandoning the game halfway through the boat driving levels, i picked it up again, determined to power through those long-ass levels and finish the game. little did i realize that i still had another shitty driving level, and a don't-touch-the-sand-because-the-antlions-will-get-you!!! level. i fucking hate shit like that. but i have to admit, controlling those antlions later on was pretty cool. but this post isn't about The Orange Box, it's about two kick-ass retro-style games some uber-fanboys made. not too sure how old they are, but both of these are new to me!! all of this comes from this destructoid post.

Super Mario Fusion: Mushroom Kingdom Hearts

i love how intrepid Nintendo fans take things into their own hands and make games that would never have a chance in the real world. take this game, a crazy-ass mario game that has levels set in the Mega Man universe, in the Halo universe, and also includes some stuff you might not expect. the game plays exactly like Super Mario World, if you have a usb controller or with the keyboard. check out the official Youtube site here, and get the demo here. here's a video of some of the levels.....

Super Smash Bros: NES

there's probably no way in hell this game could actually run on a nes, but the music, levels and sprites the creator of this game used are taken from the original games. Mario is the mario from Super Mario Bros, Kirby is from the original NES game, Link is from Zelda II, Mega Man from the first game, and Samus from the NES Metroid. it's simple to play, with a fast and strong attack for each character, and a charge move also. the game even zooms out when the characters get blown off the stages. the rules are standard Smash Bros stuff, with the goofy % health meters. Check out the official site here, and get the game there also. yeah, here' a vid of the action.....(i don't know why it has no audio.....)

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