Monday, September 3, 2007

Anniversary, bioshock essay, and the ultimate preorder bonus.

I've been married a year now, and for the most part, everything that I've been warned about has not come true. I haven't been banned from playing poker, hanging out with the guys, or more importantly, gaming. It's been a learning process, but for the most part, the first year has been a blast, and I've never been as consistently happy since i was a wee baby. My wife has been understanding about my hobby, and although i don't put in 6 hour sessions every day, i do get in 2-3 hour chunks about 3 times a week. it's a fair tradeoff, and helps to keep me focused on getting the most out of a game.

So for all of you who have finished bioshock, here's a extremely well written breakdown of the philosophical and moral aspects of the game, complete with examinations of the character's names and what they represent. i don't think i have to mention that there are MASSIVE spoilers ahead, and i read the first paragraph and spoiled a major plot point for myself. so read at your own risk.

Red Octane has put together the greatest preorder package i've ever seen. in addition to the game, Les Paul guitar, and faceplate and batteries (!!!) they're throwing in all this shit...

Pre-Order Promotional Items Include: (Valued at over $70.00!)
(1) Guitar Hero Faceplate for the Les Paul Guitar ($14.99 value)**
(1) Guitar Hero III Tee Shirt ($14.99 value)
(1) Guitar Hero Dual Gig Bag ($24.99 value)
(1) Guitar Hero Designer 2" Wide Guitar Strap ($9.99 value)**
(1) Guitar Hero Key Chain ($6.99 value)


preorder yours NOW!!!!
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