Wednesday, September 26, 2007

nightfall invasion

see that image up there? it's the Halo flood spreading throughout the country and even in europe, where you have to use a generator for power and mad cows are shot on sight.(flamebait for J!!!) just kidding, it's the live network status image in the main Halo 3 matchmaking menu. it shows where the players are, by putting a tiny tiny dot on a black map. this image is a timelapse, for the first few hours of release....see, I'm right there, by chicago!!!

seriously, the sales figures for the first day are crazy, and being caught up in the hype is inevitable, even I'm starting to get sick of the onslaught. speaking of onslaughts, the Legendary campaign is fucking HARD AS HELL. I'm talking i died 47 times on the FIRST LEVEL. i went at it with my pal Gil, but i think we might need to recruit one or two more fellas for the third mission and beyond.

and don't expect that Halo 3 icon to go away anytime soon......
hard. as. balls.
Legendary kicks the ass0r.
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