Tuesday, February 7, 2006

Internet Explorer 7

So I downloaded Internet Explorer 7 yesterday night, having heard of the beta test somewhere....and it seems that Microsoft has tried to create a unholy marriage of IE 6 and Firefox. It has tabs and is customizable, but being a beta, there are alot of sites that don't load the way they should. And by the way, it overwrites your old IE, so if you really like the old version, stick to it til they iron out the kinks.
(I know there will be alot of smart-ass comments on how I should be using firefox anyway, but to them i say poo-poo.)

Get the beta Here.


Do NOT download this piece of shit browser. After a few hours of staring at nonfunctioning web sites and having the godforsaken IE crashing, i decided to just stick to my old IE 6.
Maybe I should go to Firefox.......
You should use Firefox anyway.
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