Monday, March 27, 2006


Finally, I get a chance to post something!!!!!

This weekend was pretty hectic, as S. and I finally bought our wedding rings and went out to see a MOVIE!!!! S. has been on spring break all last week, so we've been getting alot of things done. one of the things that we nailed down was the invitations. Originally, we had decided to have someone make them, but we decided to make them ourselves. It's more work, but it adds a personal touch that looks really cool.......Because of all this, and some family obligations, the podcast is late (again), but I will try to get it out tonight.......Oblivion,oblivion,oblivion,oblivion,oblivion,oblivion!oblivion,oblivion,oblivion,oblivion,oblivion,oblivion,oblivion,oblivion,oblivion,oblivion,oblivion,oblivion!!!!!!!!!!!
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