Saturday, April 8, 2006

come one, come all!!!!!!

Originally uploaded by el moco.

so i just uploaded a very short update about the recent surge of traffic to my blog since i posted those Red Steel pics. there's some more info on Ubisofts's Revolution launch title, the new bungie project Orion, and direction to one of the best gaming blogs out there, Despair and videogames. and here's the orion pic. get the 5.5 update here

get the Despair and Videogames podcast Here

We need more Red Steel pics pleez :]
Red Steel looks better than that crap.
Can you answer a question for us is the guy wearing clear glasses in any of the pictures, and can you take more pictures straight down and close up, so that we can see the pics and read better. thx
the answer to the contest is chrono trigger! my !
nice scan
yawn! More Red Steel served with a side order of fries please. thanks. bye.
Red Steel Rocks!!
In gamespot the game was in the #1 of the most popular games yesterday
Um... that's a Halo 2 screen. If I recall correctly, it was the first released multiplayer screenshot. It's definitely not Orion.
Buy a $20 scanner, you fucktard.
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