Sunday, April 9, 2006

Endangered Gamer #6

Hey peeps!!! This week's show has it all, rants on nintendo's new revolution game, the longest baseball game EVAR, the debut of the Videogame Confessions, a old-school Name the Game segment, questions on the glowing Guide button on the xbox360 wireless controller, and a great punk song from Butt Trumpet!!!!!

Game ON!!!!!!!

Direct Download here
dude just PLEASE take some better pictures, you will get a lot more hits. just take clearer pictures of the smaller pictuers. i will download you podcast then.
it isn't allowing me to download the podcast *cries*
So the only person to get his hands on this issue doesn't own a scanner, can't help from dropping f-bombs and belching on his podcast, and takes unforgivably blurry pictures with an otherwise adequate S200? Yeah, this just screams, "Orchestrated buzz generator!" This is viral advertising at it's best and I love it!
Love the Podcast! Don't listen to the detractors!

Hey If you want come over to myspace if you get a chance.
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