Tuesday, April 11, 2006

guitar hero

I have a friend who has Guitar Hero, and about 2 months ago, she invited me and my fiance to hang out at her house. As soon as we got there, she fired up her PS2 and started playing Guitar Hero. I also played it a bit, but since i had no idea you could adjust the layout for lefties, i sucked at it. This week, i was listening to episode 23? of the Bastardcast, and Justin was going on and on about Guitar Hero, enough that i said " fuck it, i'm trading in Burnout 360 and PGR3 and getting Guitar Hero." best fucking idea i've had all year. this game is so cool it's scary. as a testament to how good it is, i've actually started liking songs that i hated before i started playing this. weird. anyways, blah blah blah.

by the way, people, send in your videogame confessions!!!!!!! any story of the sick,twisted,illegal,pathetic, and downright deplorable things you've done for the love of gaming. i know i'm not the only one who stole money from homeless people to play streetfighter.

actually, i hope i AM the only person who's done that.
Interesting game stories? I um, well, played a game and...
Um... You really did this? I mean steal money from homeless people to play SF? Man - I could maybe understand this if you wanted to play Tekken, but SF?? :P
Tekken is garbage. Nothing but a bastardisation of SFII. Garbage.
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