Sunday, April 30, 2006

weekend blues

Xbox 360 Fanboy is confirming the apperance of a 2 minute Halo 3 video at E3 next week. I guess i should be way more excited than i am. I am a Halo fan, but for some reason, i'm not foaming at the mouth. anyways, on the right, under my Gamercard is a new thing, the Gamerscore chart. you can get yours at Tuesday the 2nd of May, xbox live will be down for some dashboard updates. as usual, they're not saying WHAT is being updated, or why. fucking rain. it's been raining in chicago for the last 24 hours, and i'm getting sick of it. for anyone who uses yahoo mail, here's a step by step to get into the new yahoo mail beta test. it just looks more like gmail now. i finally got the patch for mlb 2k6, and even with the fucking patch, the gameplay is still broken. i guess expecting fielders to react is too much to ask. but hey, they did release some gamerpics, so the sox logo is going on my gamercard NOW!!!!!
Apparently there will be no dashboard updates according to Major Nelson's Podcast. Just updates behind the scenes in preparation for E3.
yeah, i just finished listening to Major's podcast. but that was the rumor when i read it.
Post some illegal scans of halo3! be 1337!1!
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