Monday, May 15, 2006

Endangered Gamer #8

New episode is up, after a few weeks of nothing. there's so much e3 info that i feel my head is going to explode. the new Zelda wii game looks good, as does Gears of war. blah blah blah.

Direct Download Here
Wow. Depressing.
Firts, Wii is the true name, ther have choose month ago and there have nothing about whit other choose like trademark probleme...

Second, the PS3 online system there gonna be total free for multiplay. The gaine are provide from the donwloadable contenet, like in the Live Market.

Bye from swizerland...
Yo, I think that game you were trying to remember where the attacks were mapped to the right stick was that one Jet Li game that came out for PS2 a while back. Rise To Honor I think it was called, or something like that.

Anyway, I really enjoy the podcast. Keep it up dude
hey loved podscast is good and i like chicago and its basvball teams i like GTAand Halo to. very good things, all of them. all tonight is great precious lifes!!!
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