Friday, December 15, 2006

Mexican Arcade

So after a few days of only playing FF III and Clubhouse Games, i was getting antsy and wanted to look up a few arcades i knew existed in my grandfather's town. I remember playing severely modded versions of Street fighter II and Hyper Fighting, super speed Smash TV and other mashup games ( king of fighters mixed with some other shitty fighting games and glitchy music) after looking around for a few minutes, i found a site called Mundo Play. all they had were about 10 arcade cabinets, with joysticks and the familiar 6 button configuration that SF II used. but these cabinets were different. each was running some kind of MAME emulator, and they were STUFFED with practically EVERY pre 1998 arcade game I've personally ever seen.

Every cabinet was the same, they all had the same software and joystick config, so i plopped 2 pesos ( about 22 cents ) into a machine, and started to scroll through the menus.

Most of the games were obscure Japanese or really shitty quality copies of classics, a bunch of them were variations on either Donkey Kong, Super Mario Bros, or Street Fighter. I wish i had more time (and camera batteries) to take more pics, but this was all that i could take before the camera died. The person running the place was about 13 years old, so i wasn't able to get any info about the games from her. My trip was mainly to visit my ailing grandfather, so this was a nice diversion.

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