Saturday, December 23, 2006

PS3 Network gets PWNED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Since about July, reports were beginning to surface about Sony's new Playstation Network and how it was going to body-slam Xbox Live, it would have more features, and higher player-limits for its online games. Well, if today's events are any indication, PS3 owners are in for a rocky ride. The network was knocked offline today, due to the early availablity of the Gran Turismo demo. the official Sony support says that they're working on the problem, and should have it fixed by noon today. that really sucks, just listen to a PS3 user rant....

I live in the central time zone, just got off the phone with Sony rep. and they said the problem was that too many people are online right now and the PlayStation network could not handle it!! Their advice was for me to keep trying throughout the day........and as for a fix they said they hoped to have a update available in the future to address this problem!!!

This is Crap!!!!! I payed over $700 to play this stupid thing online and cant even do that at peek hours on the Weekdays!!!
XBox live can handle millions of users at once....and Playstation cant even handle 200,000..
Good Game Sony you Lose!!!!!!

Just wait till all the new PS3 owners try to get online at the same time after Christmas...........

And by the way, Xbox Live has NEVER, i repeat NEVER gone down for anything beyond scheduled maintenance..........
Nintendo may not have their shit up and running yet, but at least they got time to sort it for Q1 2007.

Things really aren't looking wonderful for Sony are they? They shouldn't have run their mouth and compared their service to Xbox live so quickly.
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