Monday, January 22, 2007

Crackdown Demo, GamerZines, Wii NES skins

Finally, after a few crazy days of fanboy anguish, the highly anticipated Crackdown demo will hit tonight, at about 2:00 a.m. PT, see what time it is for you here. I really hope this game lives up to the hype, because it looks like i might have to buy it to get into the Halo 3 beta test. Kotaku reports that the beta invite confirmation email is out, and if you don't get it in the next 24 hours, you're shit out of luck. ( till the next chance) Damn. i still have not gotten the email, and although i won't be sitting at my desk constantly refreshing my email, I WILL be salty if i have to pay for it. Here's to hoping Crackdown don't suck. Anyways, Gamerzine is a site that has begun to publish e-zines for Pro Evolution Soccer and the Xbox 360, with the first and second issues being really polished and of great quality. check them out here.

And finally, ( i know this is old, but what-EVAR) here are some old-skool NES skins for the Wii and it's classic controller. although i do like the Wii's design and simple-but-elegant look, I'd buy the NES skin in a flash, if it didn't have that Revolution shit on it.....


because i refuse to let it die, here's a do over for the Pirate Babys Cabana Battle Street Fight 2006!!!!!!!!!!! (and it's companion Architecture in Helsinki video by the same guy)

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