Thursday, January 11, 2007

Site problems and and a final fantasy rant

So I'm sure most of the regulars have noticed a significant change in the look of this blog. it's not permanent, and as soon as i get the goofiness ironed out I'll have it looking as crappy as it did before. ( i kid, i kid!!) anyways, I've gotten quite busy as of late, with work and all, so i might be slowing down on the posting. Final Fantasy 3 has been kicking my ass lately, and the job system is merciless. It's set up to introduce new classes at regular intervals, so after a hard-ass boss battle, you have the option ( if you bother to look at the job list, the game does not tell you when new classes are available) to choose a new job. what sucks about this is that if you've spent significant time level-grinding to beat said boss, you're given the option to choose another job, but you lose all the advancement and benefits that that job gives your character. (i.e. magic, weapons, item use, etc.) oh, and did i mention that you start a level 1 again?? yep. i went from a level 56 Dragoon to a level 1 ninja, with no armor. (each job has specific armor and weapon requirements, and many aren't interchangeable.) Yet i troll on, looking for armor for my naked ninja, having sold all the ninja armor for health potions before i was even able to choose that job.

but the game still kicks old-school ass.
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