Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Mexican trade-in

So i just read a post on that said that the Mexico City police were starting a program to entice the population to exchange pistols and other weapons for computers and Xboxs.

from Reuters

Launching the program on Tuesday in the notorious inner-city barrio of Tepito, which police stormed last month, city police chief Joel Ortega said anyone who turns in a high-caliber weapon like a machine gun will get a computer.Police who have raided vice-ridden Mexico City neighborhoods in a push against drug violence hope to take guns off the streets by offering to swap them for computers and video-game consoles. Owners can swap smaller guns for cash or Microsoft Corp.'s Xbox video-game consoles under the plan.Organizers say they have 100 computers ready for the first wave of the program, each worth 8,500 pesos ($769) and equipped with software donated by Microsoft. On the first day, Olayo said the city received 17 guns, including 12 from Tepito.

This needs to be expanded to the U.S.
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