Wednesday, March 7, 2007

Playstation Home.

Sony just unveiled it's new "thing" for the PS3, Playstation Home. it's a Second Life-like app that combines virtual spaces, interactive games and game achievement trophies. I'm on the fence about this, since it seems like alot of effort into something that doesn't really have anything to do with GAMES, which is what the PS3 really,really needs right now. That being said, it does sound cool, but i don't think it's any better than what Nintendo or Microsoft have done. Just different.

I left what i had written a few hours ago up, because i wanted to really see what this was all about. after watching and reading up on all the coverage, ( check out for most, if not all the relevant posts on all the major gaming sites..) I really REALLY like what Sony's doing here. yeah, it has nothing to do with games, but it has everything to do with community. I probably should step back and say it has nothing to do with games that i care about, since i won't be hosting backyard parties on my ps3. The idea of ripping off avatar creation, trophies and Second Life and mashing them all up is typical of Sony. The interface leaves something to be desired though, since zipping from site to site in your virtual home seems slow and typing out answers seems like the way to go. the Sims-like environment will appeal to a shitload of people, and microtransactions will cover the bottom line for Sony. I guess I'm intrigued by the idea of a worldwide virtual space but since Sony's said crazy ass things in the past(ā€Playstation 3 will be in 4Dā€), I'm not sure i really buy into this new direction. It seems cool, but how much time will you really invest in your virtual home?? and at what point can you justify spending ANY money on virtual furniture??

See for yourself where Sony's future lies......

It looks like The Sims. As you said, all Sony's done is taken Microsoft and Nintendo's ideas and fused them into something which (in my opinion) doesn't look all that special.

Sony have more important things they should be focusing on than some Sims rip off bullshit.
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