Saturday, March 3, 2007

Sony vs. Kotaku, and the winner is..........

Wonder why Sony has been getting soo much bad press lately? why everyone is dissing the PS3 and calling out EVERY instance of their corporate stupidity??? From claiming that the rumble feature would not be missed in their PS3, to claiming that you can't find a PS3 in ANY store, Sony's PR people have stumbled and bumbled their way into 3rd place in the present console war. On Thursday,Brian Crecente from kotaku posted a story about a genuine bright spot for PS3 owners, after Phil Harrison himself teased it up the day before. You'd think that the attention he got from making that statement would fire up Sony fanboys, and whatever he was going to announce would be leaked, as so much is these days. Well, Sony came back and got all hissy with Kotaku, to the point that they threatened t blackball Kotaku and deny access to all Sony PR events at the upcoming GDC convention. "So, it is for this reason, that we will be canceling all further interviews for Kotaku staff at GDC and will be dis-inviting you to our media event next Tuesday. Until we can find a way to work better together, information provided to your site will only be that found in the public forum." What a bunch of assholes. I guess they think they can control who says what and when they say it, huh? After a few tense hours during which the internets imploded, Koktau and Sony kissed and made up. It just goes to show you how a company can be crucified for not embracing new media, and the uphill battle Sony has to win back the hearts of gamers. Tycho from Penny Arcade put it best...." Like some idiot alchemist they are able to transform good news into bad news, or turn gleaming triumph into wretched defeat." The Game Jew even whipped up a song for Crecente!!!!

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