Wednesday, March 7, 2007

Super Paper Mario

Never got to play any of the previous Paper Mario games, but this Wii version has got me hooked. it seems like Nintendo (through the developer Intelligent Systems) have nailed the old-school vibe of the early Mario games and brought them kicking and Goomba-smashing into the next generation. flipping perspectives and getting 8-bit on the enemies looks like fun, and the art style is really cool, too. hopefully I'll be getting this game as soon as it comes out.

GDC footage.

Paper Mario: The thousand-year door was a great game. The one thing that struck me about it was how laugh out loud funny it was. The game genuinely funny and I loved the way it took the piss out of itself. The characters say some quirky stuff and make references to past games and a *wink-wink-nudge-nudge* to Mario fans.

I'll be buying Super Paper Mario for sure.
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