Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Tiger Woods

So i just got through playing 18 holes on Tiger Woods 07 for the Wii, and boy do i feel ...sleepy. first things first, if you plan on playing this game with only the wiimote, get ready for some tired legs and arms. the game requires you to go through the full range of motion during a swing, and to do so, you must be standing up, unless you're one of those people who get around on basketballs. it's tiring if you're playing more than 3 games, so i'm gratfull they included a control scheme using the nunchuck. going back to the wiimote, your movements rarely coincide with what's going on onscreen. the biggest problems i had were with the tee shot and the putting. it's almost impossible to get a optimal shot off the tee, and although the putting green height and break indicators are the best ANY EA sports game have ever had, the motions aren't read very well. i even had a few cases of the wiimote acting on it's own, with no movement from me. It might seem like i'm knocking the game, but it does have it's moments of "holy shit did you see that fucking awesome shot!!!!" in multiplayer. i managed to hit 2 birdies, but finished the first game +27. that's horrible. My brother hit a 80 yard chip shot, and the game has a bad-ass slow motion-zoom-in-the-zone-quiet-falls-across-the-green "thing". very cool. the grapics in the game are better than i expected, but there's no draw distance to speak of, the course floats in space. we traded in 2 wii games and got it for free, so i can't complain.
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