Saturday, April 21, 2007

Castlevania has pissed me off.

I started playing Portrait of Ruin a few weeks ago, but in small chunks. The game itself is pretty good, with a good amount of exploration and some evil bosses. so far, I'm about 5 hours in, and was getting my ass handed to me by Death. for some reason, i kept getting beat, and in frustration, my friend Gil ended up passing the bastard for me. One boss battle later, (the two creepy sisters) the castle gets destroyed, and

just like that, the Game Over screen comes up and BOOM you're back to the main menu. What the Hell????? since when does a game end with such a lack of fanfare or even acknowledgment???? Never in my life have i played a game with such an abrupt ending. i was shocked and pissed. I called gil up and his explanation was that i got the shitty ending (o rly?) because i only found blah blah percentage of the weapons and i need to find some secret to fight another boss. FUCK THAT. even with that other shit, the game was only 6 hours long????? that's bullshit!!!!!!!!!! ah, whatever...
It can be kinda tricky, but you have to use Sanctuary on the girls. You don't need a percentage of weapons or anything. The game is way better than the credit you give it.
i'm not saying it's bad, i had a blast as i played it. the end was what bothered me. maybe i'm not patient enough.
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