Sunday, April 15, 2007

I blame you, Red Octane......

You've broken my Xbox 360. yeah, i'm blaming you. nevermind the fact that my non-gamer wife picked up Guitar Hero 2 for the first time in her life, and immediately afterward, my xbox froze. Nope, i blame you, and it seems like there's a shitload of other pissed off Xbox 360 owners who blame you too. the patch released Friday by red octane to resolve the issue with the whammy bar not working seems to be the blame for some, but i know for a fact that my xbox worked fine, just FUCKING FINE up until Wednesday of last week. Thursday and Friday i was only able to play XBLA games. Saturday came the Red Ring of Death.

I have NEVER regretted buying a game this much. EVER. not only am i not able to download the new Halo 2 maps this week, but i swear to god if my xbox isn't back by the Halo 3 beta, I'm going to go batshit crazy......
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