Wednesday, April 11, 2007

More Halo 3 goodness

the folks over at Gametrailers have given the latest Halo vidoc a serious examination, and come out with some gold. check out the video for some hardcore fanboy analysis.

great video, but when we see the bubble sheild fall from the dead guy there is that strange object to the left u thought it was a vehicle of some sorts or a crate. In the high ground schematic when they label all the turrets on the top of the screen it says "Big ass morter gun" i think thats what the thing is sitting next to the guy slightly off screen. one of two thing could be true you could either be able to use it or its AI controlled. also if you look where the guy is standing when he dies it doesnt seem like a defensive spot it doesnt make sense to be there unless he was planning to use this "big ass morter gun"
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